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The winners have been announced!

On 19 September 2023, the six winners were announced at the CMS opening evening in the Marshall House and the coveted awards were presented. Out of the 18 nominations, these six best prevailed:


Gausium (Gaussian Robotics Holdings Limited)

  • Scrubber 50 Pro


Hako GmbH

  • Scrubmaster B5 ORB 430





WEPA Professional GmbH

  • BlackSatino GreenGrow


Soobr AG

  • Soobr - Smart Cleaning




The renowned Innovation Award is presented by Messe Berlin.

The special show in Hall 5.2 will display all 18 competition entries from the final round during CMS Berlin 2023.

PIA Awards

The Award for Intelligent Products and Solutions

The Purus Innovation Award (PIA) is one of the sector's most coveted awards and reflects the great innovative strength of CMS Berlin. Exhibitors and co-exhibitors of the international cleaning trade fair CMS 2023 in Berlin had the opportunity to apply for the PIA until the end of May.

The award for innovative performance in the cleaning industry honors products, tools and systems that impress with their high application quality and outstanding overall design.

The Purus Innovation Award (PIA) honours the best of the best every two years at the leading trade fair for cleaning and hygiene. It comprises six award categories and is celebrating a strong comeback at CMS Berlin 2023 with a record number of 83 entries.

Finalists 2023

Expert jury nominates 18 finalists for the Purus Innovation Award

  • Record participation in the CMS Purus Innovation Award (PIA)
  • Award ceremony on September 19 at the Marshall House
  • Exhibition of the nominated products at the PIA special area in Hall 5.2

The top-class jury of experts has selected the PIA finalists: They nominated 18 competition entries in six categories for the final round of this year's CMS Purus Innovation Awards. The award reflects the great innovative power of the cleaning industry, which will come together again live from September 19 to 22, 2023, on the occasion of CMS Berlin. Exhibitors at CMS Berlin 2023 had submitted 83 competition entries for the first round of judging - more than ever before.

Right before the start of the trade fair, the nine-member jury will determine the winners in a second round of voting. The prestigious Innovation Award will be presented by Messe Berlin on 19 September at the CMS Exhibitor Event in the Marshall Haus in the evening.

A special exhibition in Hall 5.2 will showcase all 18 competition entries from the final round during CMS Berlin 2023.

The following competition entries in six categories have qualified for the final round of the CMS Purus Innovation Award 2023:

Category Large Machines

  • ADLATUS Robotics GmbH Fully autonomous sweeping robot system SR1300 with service station S1300
  • Gausium (Gaussian Robotics Holdings Limited) Scrubber 50 Pro
  • Miele & Cie. KG PWM 509 Mop Star 90

Category Small Machines

  • Hako GmbH Scrubmaster B5 ORB 430
  • Nexaro GmbH Nexaro NR 1500
  • hyCLEANER GmbH & Co. KG solarROBOT compact

Category Equipment

  • Unger Germany GmbH nLITE® PowerPad
  • Wecoline GmbH BubbleFlush

Category Washroom Hygiene

  • Tork (a brand of Essity Professional Hygiene Germany GmbH) Tork Sustainable Dispensers
  • Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ Kollektion & RightCycle™-Programm
  • WEPA Professional GmbH BlackSatino GreenGrow

Category Digital Tools and Systems

  • Nexaro GmbH Nexaro HUB
  • Soobr AG Soobr - Smart Cleaning
  • Taqt SAS TaqtOne

Category Cleaning Products

  • Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG Natural Active Cleaner, alkaline RM 82N
  • Tana-Chemie GmbH Green Care Professional Switch System


CMS Berlin is the innovation showcase for the industry. On four days of the trade fair, the exhibitors' innovations are not only visible but can also be experienced in a unique way.

The products awarded by the PIA jury in a two-stage evaluation process are united by their outstanding innovative quality.

The renowned nine-member jury combines industry expertise, a flair for innovation and an eye for future-oriented developments.

Tanja Cujic-Koch


Tanja Čujić-Koch

  • Member of the Board of Directors of Bundesinnungsverband des Gebäudereiniger-Handwerks - Public Relations Committee
  • Managing partner at Čujić Gebäudedienste GmbH
Sascha Hartmann

Vice Chairman

Sascha Hartmann

  • Head of building cleaning devision at Dussmann Service Deutschland GmbH

"Along with my jury colleagues, I am pleased to make a contribution to promoting innovation and to strengthening the culture of innovation in our industry. Innovating is a forward-looking skill and thus a key to success."

Tanja Čujić-Koch (Jury Chairman)

"As a jury member, I am pleased to award future-oriented and sustainable developments in the cleaning industry. Innovations are essential to ensure effective and environmentally friendly cleaning and thus continuously drive the industry forward."

Sascha Hartmann (Deputy Jury Chairman)

"As the industry's medium, “rationell reinigen” reports on innovations in the building cleaning sector. Being the publisher of “rationell reinigen”, it is an honour for me to be a member of the PIA Jury and to award the best participants."

Alexander Holzmann

"I look forward to finding out about the exciting developments at the industry's dynamic edge with innovative commercial cleaning products and services as part of my PIA Jury work."

Prof. Dr. Markus Thomzik

"As a purchasing strategist and long-time PIA Jury member, I always have my finger on the pulse and keep an eye on the demands of our customers. In order to master such challenges, innovation is required - and the award offers a great opportunity in our industry."

Fadime Sarikaya

"The impact of innovation is strong in the cleaning industry. I am proud to be part of the PIA Jury. Digital innovations in particular accelerate and automate processes, integrate data and thus change familiar routines and market mechanisms."

Jürg Brechbühl

"In professional cleaning, innovations open up ideas and thoughts of other new possibilities. As a result, things are changing that we never expected to change."

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Eilts

Jürg Brechbühl

Jürg Brechbühl

  • President of the Swiss Association of Cleaning Companies Allpura
  • Member of the Presidium of the International Association of Building Service Contractors FIDEN
  • Owner JLSL Consulting GmbH
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Eilts

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Eilts

  • Professor of applied cleaning and hygiene at the university Albstadt-Sigmaringen
Alexander Holzmann

Alexander Holzmann

  • Managing Publisher, Holzmann Medien GmbH & Co. KG
  • Media partner “rationell reinigen“
Martin Lutz

Martin Lutz

  • Chief Executive FIGR
  • Lutz-Fachbücher
  • State approved cleaning and hygiene technician
  • Building cleaning master craftsman
  • Publicly appointed and sworn expert for the building cleaning trade
Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters

Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters

  • Managing Director Future Agency Haute Innovation
  • Key-Note Speaker
  • Author
  • Honorary Professor
  • Red Dot Ambassador
Fadime Sarikaya

Fadime Sarikaya

  • Market expert for strategic procurement management
  • Shareholder sarikohn GbR
Prof. Dr. Markus Thomzik

Prof. Dr. Markus Thomzik

  • Professor of Business Administration
  • Innovation and Facility Management at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen
  • Innovation researcher
  • Podcaster
  • Moderator

Review: Winner in 2019

KENTER Bodenreinigungsmaschinen Vertriebs- und Service GmbH

  • Comac C 85 NSC

Husqvarna Deutschland GmbH

  • Husqvarna Automower 535 AWD

ADLATUS Robotics GmbH


Hako GmbH



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