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Good hand hygiene, good protection

February 24, 2020

Hygiene - all-important in a globalised world

In many daily situations our hands come into contact with germs. Regular and careful hand hygiene protects against infection with pathogens. Hand hygiene measures are therefore among the most important infection prevention measures. General hygiene measures that interrupt chains of infection are always useful. They also protect against the "wave of influenza and colds" that rages in Germany every year. If there is an increased risk of infection, it can also be useful to disinfect the hands after washing them and after using public sanitary facilities or public transport.

The demand for effective prevention measures and effective disinfectants is increasing in view of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). In order to effectively prevent this virus from spreading, the Robert Koch Institute recommends the use of a disinfectant with at least "limited virucidal" effectiveness. Disinfectants approved as "limited virucidal PLUS" or "virucidal" can also be used. The IHO's disinfectant list provides a reliable overview when selecting suitable products.