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September 04, 2019

CMS Berlin 2019 with a brilliant display of innovations

Digitalisation, sustainability and artificial intelligence are driving innovation in the cleaning sector


The cleaning sector is preparing to face the future: cleaning robots assist the building service contractors, digitalisation is used to obtain a more complete understanding of business processes, cleaning products achieve lasting effectiveness and are also biodegradable. Digitalisation, sustainability and artificial intelligence are driving innovation in the cleaning sector. This is evident in the display at the International Cleaning Trade Fair CMS Berlin 2019 – Cleaning.Management.Services, which is taking place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from 24 to 27 September.


“Automated decision-making processes and self-learning machines have given a new dimension to digitalisation. Companies, customers and employees are all equally affected”, according to Peter Schaar, Chairman of the European Academy for Freedom of Information and Data Protection (EAID). In his opening speech (25 Sept. 2.30 p.m., Hall 6.3) at the CMS World Summit 2019 he will be explaining how to overcome the challenges presented by the use of artificial intelligence and the guidelines that have to be followed.

Current trends in the cleaning industry

Cleaning machines are becoming faster, with improved flexibility and ergonomics, cleaning agents are dispensed automatically, and apps are a vital aspect of everyday work. For example, exhibitors at CMS will be demonstrating how the providers of building services use digitalisation to understand and organise their business processes, in the interests of efficient and dynamic collaboration between all those involved, from drawing up contracts to the dispatch of invoices. Fleet management is simplified and its efficiency is improved with the aid of Intelligent software solutions: a sticker with a QR code is attached to the equipment and scanned with a smartphone. A user-friendly app enables the machine to be registered in the system and everything is then ready to use. The latest cloud software for real-time recording of data from one of the exhibitors is combined with an innovative online barcode scanner. It can fulfil various functions, including monitoring staff attendance and the consumption of materials. In combination with the integrated Bluetooth interface on a new dry vacuum cleaner being presented by another exhibitor, important equipment data, such as the operating hours, daily running time or details about the location, can be transferred to the cloud-based fleet management system and linked with all current ERP systems.

The environment is an increasingly important aspect of the cleaning sector. For example, exhibitors are displaying highly concentrated premium cleaning and care tabs. These are supplied in carefully measured quantities which are ideal for use in automated cleaners. This reduces packaging waste as well as cutting the costs of transport and storage. Another of the companies attending CMS is presenting its biotechnological cleaning agents, made from biological, active cleaning substances, fermentation extracts and micro-organisms. The main difference between these items and standard products can be found in their sustainable cleaning effectiveness and their biodegradability. The BIO cleaners produced by another exhibitor are made solely from plant-based and mineral materials, are vegan and free of any micro-plastics, petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives or dyes. Furthermore they are supplied in bottles made entirely from recycled materials. With the two new, extremely compact and light cleaning machines from another company the benefits of dry cleaning are now universally available for the first time. The use of dry ice enables cleaning to be carried out without water or chemicals, and leaves no residues. Its application is environmentally friendly, hygienic and substantially faster than conventional cleaning methods.

The Innovation Report of CMS Berlin 2019 provides a comprehensive preview of the items which are either appearing at the fair for the first time or are making their international debut there.

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