August 07, 2019

New edition of the Mobility Cleaning Circle

The exclusive networking event on 25 September 2019 is the highlight at CMS for cleaning in the mobility sector

Messe Berlin is gathering industry experts on the subject of ’Cleaning in the Mobility Sector’ at an exclusive networking event. On 25 September the latest edition of the Mobility Cleaning Circle will take place at the international cleaning trade fair CMS Berlin 2019 – Cleaning.Management.Services (24 – 27 Sept.). Representatives of national and international transport companies and their buyers have registered to take part. Mobility sector companies present will include BVG, DB Services GmbH, Deutsche Bahn AG, Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, MÁV-Start Zrt. (Hungary), metronom Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH, NMBS/SNCB (Belgium), Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG and Incheon Airport (Korea). The Mobility Cleaning Circle is co-organised by InnoTrans, the leading international trade fair for transport technology, and the international cleaning trade fair CMS Berlin, which are both held by Messe Berlin.

Heike Hemmer, project director of CMS at Messe Berlin, underlined the Mobility Cleaning Circle’s USP: ”Cleanliness is an important quality aspect in the mobility sector and offers a significant competitive advantage wherever transport companies provide services. For manufacturers of cleaning machines and products and for companies providing services in the mobility sector, CMS Berlin is Europe’s leading trade fair and the main platform for buyers. The entire range of cleaning and hygiene products will be on show here. Senior executives representing the domestic and international cleaning industry as well as transport companies will discuss the sector’s needs and ways to reach efficient solutions. The Mobility Cleaning Circle significantly helps to focus public attention on the topic of cleaning in the mobility sector and raise awareness for cleaning and hygiene.”

The made-to-measure B2B event includes a specialist programme of events and opportunities to make direct contact with leading international representatives of the cleaning industry. A guided tour will feature practical displays on the outdoor display area and accompany visitors to companies exhibiting cleaning products at CMS specifically for the mobility sector. The aim is to further a dialogue between transport companies and the railway and cleaning industry.

Markus Asch, chairman of the Cleaning Systems Trade Association in the VDMA: ”I welcome this meeting of our industries and the opportunity to demonstrate how, with new technology and digital solutions, we can help to make working on board trains and buses even more efficient.“

Cleaning in the mobility sector increases passenger comfort and well-being, improves safety and is an important image factor for transport companies. This was also emphasised by Uwe Günther, CPO of Deutsche Bahn AG: ”In today’s transport environment, attractive train stations represent an important multi-modal hub offering an intense customer experience. We need customers to experience quality time and the best possible service, something to which our contractors can actively and creatively contribute. We want our passengers and guests to enjoy a high-quality, clean and safe visit to train stations.“

Specialist programme at the Marshall Haus

Mobility Cleaning Circle events will kick off in the movie theatre at the Marshall Haus, including with a panel discussion examining the challenges and product solutions for ’cleaning in the mobility sector’. The focus is on transport companies’ specific demands on the cleaning industry and service providers as well as specific requirements for cleaning contract tenders in the mobility sector. Taking part in the discussion will be Uwe Schwier, head of Procurement, Operating and Materials, Deutsche Bahn AG; István Schwartz, vice president and chief executive officer of MÁV-Start Zrt., Hungary; Anton Sørensen, senior vice president, Global Products and Services – head of Product Excellence and Quality, Nilfisk; and Dr. Christine Sasse, head of Dr. Sasse AG.

At the debut event of the Mobility Cleaning Circle in 2017, a live demonstration involving DB-Services was given on the rail track display on how to remove graffiti from trains. This year, Havelbus and BVG will each provide a bus on the outdoor display area between Halls 1.2 and 3.2, where a selection of exhibitors at CMS Berlin will demonstrate their cleaning products and solutions, including special vacuum cleaners and cleaning agents for removing graffiti and dirt.

Mobility Cleaning Point

CMS 2019 provides a comprehensive overview of the market and the innovative cleaning solutions the industry has to offer for these tasks. The relevant exhibitor stands are specially marked. A logo, the ‘Mobility Cleaning Point’, on the Virtual Market Place® website, in the CMS Guide, on the map of the grounds, in the CMS Berlin app and on the stands at the fair immediately shows visitors the right companies to contact for information on ‘cleaning in the mobility sector’.

Cleanliness improves customer ratings

In 2014, Verkehrsclub Deutschland found that around 90 per cent of passengers gave ’good’ or ’excellent’ ratings if a train had clean toilets. If this was not the case then only 50 per cent of respondents gave the train a positive rating. This was also confirmed by Manuel Bosch, head of Publishing and Technology & Transport at DVV Media Group GmbH, the exclusive media partner of the Mobility Cleaning Circle: ”Clean train stations and public transport vehicles are extremely important for ensuring customer satisfaction. That is why corresponding quality criteria are expressly laid down in contracts between the public sector and bus and train operators. For that reason it is important that all industry players are informed about the latest cleaning technologies and services. That is where the Mobility Cleaning Circle represents an interesting link between the mobility and cleaning sectors."