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Show everyone that you’re here with us!

The following promotional items are available for you to use in your own personal CMS Berlin campaign:

Your advertising with our logos

We are pleased to allow you free use of our logo as part of your reporting on CMS Berlin (specimen copy requested) or your participation at CMS Berlin. Any use for other purposes, in particular to market your own commercial interests, is only permitted with the explicit written authorization of CMS Berlin.

Please note that only the logos provided here for download may be used and that the style guide (PDF, 1.6 MB) must be followed.

Banner Generator

Please use in the following the context menu by right click on the banner and choose "Save picture as".

CMS - Admission Ticket Vouchers for Clients

From spring 2021 we supply vouchers, which enable exhibitors to invite their customers to visit the exhibition free of charge. Only redeemed vouchers will be charged at the end of the event. Vouchers are only available with the exhibitors imprint.