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New Products

Here you will find new products from the exhibitor of CMS 2015.

4F Maschinentechnik GmbH - Plaza / Stand 112

4F Maschinentechnik GmbH - Plaza / Stand 112
4F Maschinentechnik GmbH: Limpar Turbo weed brush

Agile and flexible due to its compact design

Weeds proliferate everywhere, on roadways, walls, the sides of highways, kerbs and gutters, cycle and pedestrian paths and between interlocking stones. This is where the Limpar Turbo weed brush (ill.) demonstrates its effectiveness. The combination of large wheels and the compact design makes this machine extremely agile and flexible. The integrated lateral adjustment of the brush head enables this unit to be operated quickly and easily on edges and gutters or in close proximity to walls. Being entirely mechanical, without the need for any chemicals, this unit can be deployed in
environmentally sensitive areas. A fast-acting system means that the plaited heads, with six strands, can be easily replaced. The unit is supplied with a steering handle that can be folded away without requiring the use of any tools, as well as a powerful motor and a special mounting for the brush head to ensure vibration-free operation.

4F Maschinentechnik GmbH
Hall Plaza, Booth 112

Contact: Reinhard Freer
Phone: +49-5446-997040

ABiTEP GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 111

ABiTEP GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 111

Fat-cracker with long term effect

LIPOLYT® – 2000 (ill.) is a new environmentally friendly product for cleaning supply and waste disposal pipes containing organic residues such as fats, oils and food waste. In addition to cleaning
waste pipes the cleaning intervals for the grease trap are extended and unpleasant odours are minimised. LIPOLYT® – 2000 is a carefully coordinated system consisting of two components and is effective for approximately three months. On its first appearance at CMS the Berlin-based
company ABITEP is also exhibiting Lipolyt – ARR®. This is a quick-acting, reliable and easy-to-use product for preventing blockages caused by fat, soap, hair and other contaminants in
the system. The exclusive, bioactive formula of this product with added enzymes liquidises organic substances and breaks them down, with the result that hair is also rinsed away, keeping drains clear.

Hall 2.2, Booth 111

Contact: Martin Litschko
Phone: +49-30-6705745

All Care B.V. - Hall 3.2 / Stand 225

All Care B.V. - Hall 3.2 / Stand 225
All Care B.V.: DCMix systems

The precise cleaning mixture at the press of abutton

All Care is presenting its expanded Dosing Care product programme at CMS Berlin 2015. For
maintenance uses there are the new DCMix systems for dispensing and diluting chemicals (ill.). The precise mixture of cleaning products can be obtained at the press of a button. Both closed and open systems are possible. Two versions are available: a low flow rate at 4 l/min or a high rate at 14 l/min. The water and chemical discharge can be mounted on the left or right side of the unit. The user-friendly design means that the dilution rate can be easily adjusted. A suitable pump is available for every washing machine and every application. Dispensing can either be controlled by the machine itself or individually, ensuring that the right amount of cleaning agent is supplied to
obtain the best possible cleaning results. The D1 tube pumps have a memory function so that the right data is always provided for monitoring purposes. The pump head hoses have fast-acting
connectors making them very easy to replace.

All Care B.V.
Hall 3.2, Booth 225

Contact: Pim Kemperman
Phone: +31-318-517778

Applied Chemicals International AG - Hall 4.2 /

Applied Chemicals International AG - Hall 4.2 /
Applied Chemicals International AG: Fresh Wave IAQ gel

Effective elimination of unpleasant odours

Ongoing or recurring odours present an annoying problem in many areas. The Swiss company
Applied Chemicals International AG is exhibiting for the first time at CMS Berlin, where it is presenting a solution to this problem. Fresh Wave® IAQ (ill.) is pH-neutral, effectively and permanently eliminates odours at the molecular level, replacing them with a pleasant and subtle odour. This odour eliminator is based on essential oils including those obtained from pine needles, aniseed, cloves, cedar wood and limes, and pure water. Fresh Wave® IAQ has many outstanding
features, removing unpleasant odours rather than just masking them. It is a natural product with no aggressive chemicals or masking agents, and is safe for humans, animals and the environment. It has been developed for use in hotels, offices, homes for the elderly, hospitals and schools, as well as for fitness and wellness centres.

Applied Chemicals International AG
Hall 4.2, Booth 118

Contact: Lorenz Dycke
Phone: +41-61-2828291

Working Group for Rail Vehicle Cleaning – Rail-Media Institute - Hall 3.2 / Stand 102

Working Group for Rail Vehicle Cleaning – Rail-Media Institute - Hall 3.2 / Stand 102
Working Group for Rail Vehicle Cleaning – Rail-Media Institute: VR 115 BMI

Working standard derived from practical experience

The VR 115 BMI quality management standard has been developed through collaboration between science and working practice. Following an intensive development process the standard was launched in July 2015 and is being presented for the first time in Germany at CMS Berlin 2015.
The private railway company Länderbahn is the first rail operator to obtain certification from the Bahn-Media Institut (Rail-Media Institute) in accordance with the BMI standard VR 115 (ill.). The main purpose of this standard is to stipulate the quality of services in the vehicle cleaning sector, i.e. to improve quality standards and ensure that they are maintained. The standard also applies, among other things, to staff qualification, an area where the Bahn-Media Institut draws on the practical experience of the members of its Working Group for Rail Vehicle Cleaning (ASfr). This exchange of views and the annual workshop provide a forum for making continuous improvements and for checking that the working standard meets practical requirements. The 2015 Workshop will take place on 21 September in the run-up to CMS and the venue will be the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.

Working Group for Rail Vehicle Cleaning – Rail-Media Institute
Hall 3.2, Booth 102

Contact: Dennis Peizert
Phone: +49-5820-97017723

beam GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 115

beam GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 115
beam GmbH: Blue Evolution S+ steam suction system

Cleanliness and hygiene without the use ofchemicals

Blue Evolution S, Blue Evolution S+ (ill.) und Blue Evolution XL+ as a high voltage version: these are the new steam suction systems, certified in accordance with HACCP and made by beam GmbH, which are being displayed for the first time at CMS Berlin. All three are making their world debut and are powerful, extremely ecological and suitable for many applications such as the catering, industry, transport, health, fitness centres, the skilled trades and retailing. This exhibitor’s steam suction systems are filled only with pure water, and no chemicals of any kind are used. According to an official report on the cleaning performance, issued in May 2015, the Blue-Evolution range is the equal of any other system that uses biocides or chemical substances such as tensides, with regard to its ability to reduce the number of germs. The Blue-Evolution multi-purpose units apply steam and suction in one action, require no cleaning products and enable users not only to cut water consumption by over 93 per cent but also reduce the previous cleaning time by 60 per cent.

beam GmbH
Hall 3.2, Booth 115

Contact: Ingo Jensen
Phone: +49-8331-991880

BINGOLD GmbH + Co. KG - Hall 4.2 / Stand 115

BINGOLD GmbH + Co. KG - Hall 4.2 / Stand 115
BINGOLD GmbH + Co. KG: Nitril disposable gloves

A good grip for all applications

Nitril disposable gloves (ill.) from BINGOLD offer safe and reliable protection. They are made of nitril-butadiene rubber and their micro-textured fingertips give an excellent grip in all kinds of working situations. The manufacturer points out that they are the ideal choice for all kinds of cleaning activities. They are also resistant to oil and fats, making them particularly suitable for use with foodstuffs or in cosmetic applications. People with type I latex allergies can safely wear these gloves. In both professional and private life there is hardly any activity that does not require the use of hands. In everyday working life it is often necessary to protect one’s hands against germs or dirt, which is why the subject of personal protective equipment is so important in many professions. As experts in the fields of disposable and re-usable gloves made of latex, nitril and vinyl, BINGOLD can supply the right protective glove for professional users.

Hall 4.2, Booth 115

Contact: Kim Brandt-Axthelm
Phone: +49-40-538096170

BlueTem Software GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 201

BlueTem Software GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 201
BlueTem Software GmbH: Modules of the BlueTem DS service software

Industry software now with its own wages program

BlueTem Software GmbH, based in Erkrath, has now augmented its BlueTem DS dedicated software (ill.) with its own wages program. The new “BlueTem Lohn” software module completes and simplifies BlueTem DS for the providers of building services and is being shown to experts for the first time anywhere in Germany at CMS Berlin 2015. As the company representatives explain, the creation of its own wages module makes using the system much easier and moreover users now have at their disposal all the components that companies engaged in cleaning and other building services expect from modern, advanced software. The BlueTem modules provided by this service software include CRM, winter services, cleaning of machinery, hotel cleaning, event services, calculations/tendering, financial accounting, auditing/analysis, wages, fleet management, managing claims, and time and attendance recording.

BlueTem Software GmbH
Hall 3.2, Booth 201

Contact: Joachim Weyers
Phone: +49-2104-4939412

BUZIL-WERK Wagner GmbH & Co. KG - Hall 2.2 / Stand 201

BUZIL-WERK Wagner GmbH & Co. KG - Hall 2.2 / Stand 201
BUZIL-WERK Wagner GmbH & Co. KG: Planta Multi Gloss P 320 and Planta Multi Stripper P 321

Environmental sustainability and basic cleaning

Buzil has expanded its ecological Planta® group of products with the addition of the “Planta® Multi Stripper P 321universal basic cleaner and the “Planta® Multi Gloss P 320” gloss coating (ill.), both of which are making their international debut at CMS Berlin 2015. For this Memmingen-based manufacturer of cleaning and care products there is no conflict between outstanding performance and excellent environmental compatibility. Both products have been granted the Austrian eco-label and meet the most exacting standards with regard to environmental protection. The main characteristics of the Planta® Multi Stripper are its environmentally sustainable formula as well as its powerful action to remove dirt and films, its suitability for use on most surfaces, and the speed
at which it takes effect. The gloss dispersion Planta® Multi Gloss is resistant to surface disinfectants and contains no zinc, fluoric tensides or perfumes. It also provides highly resistant protection with excellent filling capacity and good running properties. These two products can be used together with great effect, and can also be used independently.

BUZIL-WERK Wagner GmbH & Co. KG
Hall 2.2, Booth 201

Contact: Roland Hausladen
Phone: +49-8331-9306

Charlott produkte Dr. Rauwald GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 206

Charlott produkte Dr. Rauwald GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 206
Charlott produkte Dr. Rauwald GmbH: CFR 500 ECO spray extractor

Extractor turbine with no moving parts

Charlott produkte Dr. Rauwald GmbH is using CMS Berlin 2015 for the European debut of its “CFR 500 ECO” (ill.) spray extractor. This is a completely new design with a performance that even exceeds that of the exhibitor’s previous range of CFR units. Instead of two turbines the thoroughly revised design of this unit uses just one, an extractor turbine that is also quieter and with reduced power consumption. The alterations to the flow of extracted air means that there are no longer any moving parts in the wet air flow, resulting in a substantially longer working life for the turbine.
The CFR 500 ECO has a newly designed, easy-to-clean filter structure which is both time-saving and environmentally friendly. The cleaning solution can therefore be recycled several times without adversely affecting the cleaning performance.

Charlott produkte Dr. Rauwald GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 2006

Contact: Dr. Wolfgang Rauwald
Phone: +49-5503-800800

Charlott produkte Dr. Rauwald GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 207

Charlott produkte Dr. Rauwald GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 207
Charlott produkte Dr. Rauwald GmbH: OneStep cleaning system for swimming pools

Pad insert for cleaning the bottom of swimming pools

The concept that has been developed by Dr. Rauwald Reinigungssysteme for the environmentally
friendly and efficient cleaning of hard floor surfaces, especially porcelain stoneware tiles, can now be applied to the cleaning of swimming pools. The new, tenside-free cleaners, Pool A (alkaline) and Pool S (acidic) are included on the RK register of approved products and make an excellent combination with the tried and tested Combo-Pads. The European tile manufacturers’ organisation
Säurefliesner-Vereinigung has conducted long term tests of its viability for use on the bottom of swimming pools. After daily use over a period of five years the degree of slipperiness did not significantly increase, and consequently this system can be used on a daily basis without any restrictions. Now, for the first time, the OneStep® system (ill.) enables pads to be used for cleaning the bottom of swimming pools.

Charlott produkte Dr. Rauwald GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 207
Hall 1.2, Booth 2017

Contact: Dr. Wolfgang Rauwald
Phone: +49-5503-800800

Coffema International GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 222

Coffema International GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 222
Coffema International GmbH: Bamboo-fibre mop by Profimopp

Antibacterial effect and high moisture absorption

The cleaning specialist Coffema Cleaning Systems is presenting an innovative new product at CMS Berlin 2015, the Profimopp (ill.), a mop made from bamboo fibres. Bamboo fibres have special, natural features such as their antibacterial properties, high moisture absorption and breathability, making this the ideal material for cleaning products. The natural fibres used in the bamboo fibre mop made by this exhibitor are woven using the traditional web stitch method, to ensure maximum dirt removal. The bamboo mop has countless uses and its excellent slipperiness makes it ideal for use on linoleum, PVC, rubber, porcelain stoneware tiles, natural stone floors and laminate. Bamboo is a fast-growing, renewable raw material with a positive CO2 balance. A new shoot from this type of grass can grow up to 1 metre per day. The bamboo fibre mop is therefore ideal for anyone wanting to combine high levels of efficiency with an ecological awareness.

Coffema International GmbH, Cleaning Systems Division
Hall 3.2, Booth 222

Contact: Patrick Servadio
Phone: +49-40-500250

CWS-boco Deutschland GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 130

CWS-boco Deutschland GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 130
CWS-boco Deutschland GmbH: CWS Paradise Air Bar room fragrance diffusion system

Sweet-smelling hygienic solutions

The “CWS Paradise Air Bar” room fragrance diffusion system (ill.) has been nominated for the “CMS Purus Award 2015” this year and forms the main focus of the display by CWS-boco at this trade show. With its elegant design the diffuser system is equally ideal for conference rooms and washrooms. The manufacturer has created its own aromas to neutralise unpleasant odours such as nicotine, perspiration and the fumes from canteens. In addition to the CWS Paradise Air Bar with its white plastic body and replaceable frames in seven colours, a bright stainless steel diffuser system can also be seen on the stand at CMS Berlin 2015. The exhibitor has also set up a complete washroom here to show just how effectively the hygiene products from CWS ParadiseLine can visually enhance a room. The team on the stand is also explaining to visitors about the importance of a skin protection plan and is giving advice on how to implement this in their own companies.

CWS-boco Deutschland GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 130

Contact: Enzo Lagrasta
Phone: +49-6103-3091710

Dorn Lift GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 113

Dorn Lift GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 113
Dorn Lift GmbH: Lightlift 26.14 Performance IIIS

Greater working height and automatic level adjustment

With the introduction of the Lightlift 26.14 Performance IIIS (illustration) HINOWA has produced its first crawler work platform with a working height of some 26 m and a lateral reach of just under 14 m. It continues the tradition of compactness that is a typical feature of HINOWA designs. With dimensions of 6.35 x 0.99 x 1.98 m (L x W x H) the Lightlift 26.14 Performance IIIS is a very versatile piece of equipment. Together with the Lightlift 17.75 Performance IIIS and the Lightlift 20.10 Performance IIIS it is the third item in the Performance IIIS range. A highlight of the display by Dorn Lift at this trade show, and making its German debut, is a scissor lift, which is claimed to be the first to be mounted on a crawler chassis and with an automatic levelling system, known as “Bi-Levelling”. With this innovative approach to drive technology, which was previously unavailable in this equipment sector, it is now possible for the first time to operate scissor platforms on uneven ground without the need for additional supports. The Bibi range offers working heights of 5, 6 and 8 m.

Dorn Lift GmbH, Sonja Masal
Hall 2.2, Booth 113

Contact: Sonja Masal
Phone: +43-5574-7368832

DREITURM GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 128

DREITURM GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 128

Matt dispersion paint and an odour remover

DURO MATT from DREITURM is the company’s own hard-wearing, non-slip low gloss dispersion paint. It can be used on all coatable, elastic floor coverings as well as on natural and synthetic stone floors. Unpleasant smells can be safely eliminated using the bacterially based, microbiological odour remover and maintenance cleaner TORMA® BAC (illustration). This penetrates the surface structure and removes the odours produced by the decomposition of organic materials. TORMA® BAC is especially good for maintenance cleaning and for removing odours from heavily contaminated surfaces, for example in sanitary areas. It can be used on all water-resistance materials such as synthetic and natural stone as well as on plastics, and is ideal for removing odours such as those produced by vomit on upholstery and carpets.

DREITURM GmbH, Adrian Kohnhorst
D-Steinau an der Strasse
Hall 3.2, Booth 128

Contact: Adrian Kohnhorst
Phone: +49-171-7626818

DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 121

DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 121
DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH: New products

Site-specific document management that is updated daily

In its display at CMS this Munich-based supplier of the full range of professional cleaning, hygiene, disinfection, skin protection and skin care products again places the emphasis on the benefits for customers. DR.SCHNELL is exhibiting the phosphate-free, heavy duty detergent RapaExtra (ill.) for chemothermic disinfection of washing at 60 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for dealing with cleaning textiles. The display also features two of the company’s new, ready-to-use “Fee” products: Forolfee, a universal maintenance cleaner spray, and Milifee, a sanitary cleaner and lime scale remover (ill.), together a 10 litre canister, now with a colour system for the first time, containing the “big 3 for building cleaning”, Milizid for sanitary use, Forol for surfaces and Floortop for floors. The services provided by DR.SCHNELL also include a number of innovations, with the introduction of its digital service cockpit, a new development in professional cleaning, under the heading of “Hygiene 2.0”. It enables customers to manage their relevant cleaning documentation
individually, site-specifically and with daily updates. The new Alegria app HUGO brings new benefits for users too – “Hygiene und Go”. These products are also making their first appearance
at any trade show.

Hall 4.2, Booth 121

Contact: Anja Bohms
Phone: +49-89-350608981

Electrostar GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 226

Electrostar GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 226
Electrostar GmbH: NTS eSwift wet/dry vacuum cleaner

Wide radius of action and high volume flow

Ideal for the home, workshop or construction sites: with its slim lines and weighing just 6 kg the new NTS eSwift wet/dry vacuum cleaner (ill.) is one of the Starmix range of compact cleaners. This little powerhouse has an operating radius of up to 9 m and a power input of 1,200 W with a volume flow of 70 l/s. The accessory mountings are designed to take additional equipment, and tools and other devices are always to hand on the extensive storage area. With its low centre of gravity and impact-resistant trolley with ramp function the NTS eSwift provides great stability for all kinds of work. The ergonomic carrying handle contains the cable and hose winders and a plug mounting. The user-friendly wet/dry vacuum cleaner from Electrostar GmbH is therefore ideal
for home and hobby use as well as for professional cleaning and for tradesmen.

Electrostar GmbH
D-Reichenbach/ Fils
Hall 3.2, Booth 226

Contact: Gwendi Harer
Phone: +49-7153-982224

Emil Deiss KG (GmbH + Co.) - Hall 4.2 / Stand 115

Emil Deiss KG (GmbH + Co.) - Hall 4.2 / Stand 115
Emil Deiss KG (GmbH & Co.): 120 l refuse sack

Exceptional tear resistance

“Not all refuse sacks are the same” is the main theme of the display by Hamburg-based Emil Deiss KG (GmbH + Co) on its stand in Hall 4.2 at this year’s CMS Berlin. The majority of the company’s products are made from recycled materials. The outstanding characteristic of these refuse sacks is that they guarantee a constant high quality, and this is evident in the PREMIUM range from this supplier of high quality refuse sacks and rubbish bags. The most outstanding example of this is provided by the fact that 1.2 billion of the “Meistverkaufte” (Best-Seller) (ill.), a timeless classic, have been sold since 2011, according to the exhibitor. With its exception tear-resistance the blue 120 l LDPE refuse sack meets the most exacting requirements. DEISS points out that the consistent use of clearly defined recycled materials and continuous quality controls have made this 120 l. refuse sack an “evergreen” of the cleaning sector.

Emil Deiss KG (GmbH + Co.)
Hall 4.2, Booth 115

Contact: Kim Brandt-Axthelm
Phone: +49-40-538096170

FeedbackNow GmbH - Stand 2.2/ Stand 136

FeedbackNow GmbH - Stand 2.2/ Stand 136
FeedbackNow GmbH: Smiley Box

Requirement-based personnel management

FeedbackNow, which supplies real-time feedback systems and is exhibiting at CMS for the first time, supports companies in their efforts to provide high quality daily services at a world class level. The stand-alone, wireless feedback systems in the form of smiley boxes (illustration) provide a clear, real time display of customer satisfaction. The intuitive design of the boxes offers an unprecedented level of natural feedback ratings by customers of every age and every nationality, according to the exhibitor. This gives companies the maximum number of daily feedback responses for the requirement-based, real-time management of their personnel. Processing and implementation of improvements to the quality of services can be achieved on-site using an in-house service team. The feedback systems from this Hamburg-based company are already being used by some leading European businesses in areas such as cleaning, services, aviation, retailing, catering and staff satisfaction.

FeedbackNow GmbH, Christian Jensen
Hall 2.2, Booth 136

Contact: Christian Jensen
Phone: +49-40-28796597

GLORIA Haus- und Gartengeräte GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 132

GLORIA Haus- und Gartengeräte GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 132
GLORIA Haus- und Gartengeräte GmbH: GLORIA CleanMaster EXTREME EX100

Very tough and resistant

The display by GLORIA at CMS Berlin 2015 features its new oil-resistant extreme, high performance sprayer for professional cleaning for the first time in Germany.The PF 12 and PF 50 pressure sprayers have capacities of 1.25 and 5 respectively and are highly resistant to acid and alkaline cleaning products with a pH value of between 2 and 9. They are fitted with Viton seals and are ideal for spreading disinfectants and cleaning agents as well as chemical products used in construction work. The EX100 hand-held sprayer (ill.) has been designed for use with media containing solvents. The polyethylene tank and Viton+ seals enable it to be used with brake and rim cleaners or with rubber care products. The product range is rounded off by the Extreme EX 05 and
10 fine sprays. With capacities of 0.5 and 1 l they are particularly suitable for use with degreasing solvents. With its double-acting precision pump a single action of the pump is sufficient to fire powerful bursts of spray.

GLORIA Haus- und Gartengeräte GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth 132

Contact: Alexander Kienborn
Phone: +49-731-1406050

G. Staehle GmbH u. Co. KG columbus Reinigungsmaschinen - Hall 2.2 / Stand 126

G. Staehle GmbH u. Co. KG columbus Reinigungsmaschinen - Hall 2.2 / Stand 126
G. Staehle GmbH u. Co. KG columbus Reinigungsmaschinen: noBAC 60 l automatic cleaning machines

Automated cleaner that meets exacting hygienic requirements

The exhibitor columbus can offer building cleaners the right floor cleaning machines for every professional situation. The company, which is based in Stuttgart, produces equipment that ranges from automated cleaning devices to sweepers, vacuum cleaners, dust and water extractors, one-disc machines and outstanding accessories too. In addition to the popular, compact and user-friendly ARA 66|BM 70 ride-on, the display by columbus at CMS Berlin 2015 also includes its
new anti-bacterial 20, 40, 60 (ill.) and 100 l series of noBAC® automatic cleaning machines for premises where very high levels of hygiene are required. Available in a hybrid or cable version, the WA 46|B 10 and WA 46|K 10 automatic vacuum cleaners with rollers, and the compact but powerful 20 litre RA 43|B 20 automatic cleaners are ideal for small areas or for cleaning under items such as furniture. The noBAC® cleaners are making their first appearance anywhere in Germany at this trade show, while the roller cleaners are making their international debut.

G. Staehle GmbH u. Co. KG columbus Reinigungsmaschinen
Hall 2.2, Booth 126

Contact: Natascha Stradinger
Phone: +49-711-9544950

Hako GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 200

Hako GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 200
Hako GmbH: Scrubmaster B75 R ride-on scrubber-cleaner

Agile and easy to use

Scrubmaster B75 R (ill.) is the name of the new ride-on scrubber-cleaner from Hako, which can reach those areas that were previously restricted to hand-held machines. This new machine is making its international debut at CMS Berlin 2015. Compact dimensions and excellent agility are just two of the advantages offered by this machine. Above all it features controls that are remarkably easy to use. The ergonomically designed seat protects the user’s back, and increased comfort also means greater productivity. There are many other practical details that make this machine easier to operate and also facilitate cleaning and maintenance. With speeds of up to 6 kph, which can be reduced at the press of a button, and long operating times, this new ride-on scrubber-cleaner can tackle larger areas in less time.

Hako GmbH
D-Bad Oldesloe
Hall 1.2, Booth 200

Contact: Michael Bentin
Phone: +49-4531-806369

Hako GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 200b and 200c

Hako GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 200b and 200c
Hako GmbH: Hako Fleet Management Solutions

Simplified fleet management

Hako is completing is display of machinery at CMS Berlin 2015 with details about an extensive
range of services, which also encompasses Hako Fleet Management Solutions (ill.). This provides fleet operators with a simple and easy-to-use means of keeping constantly informed about all the machinery being deployed. A wealth of information is available for each individual machine in real time via a secure internet link – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hako automatically updates and safeguards all the data, thereby eliminating the need for users to carry out their own costly data maintenance. The Hako-Fleet-Recorder consists of an onboard module with mobile data transfer
facilities which registers daily operating times and other operating conditions for the machinery, thereby automatically providing up-to-date and clear fleet data. Furthermore the Hako-Fleet-Report web portal provides a simple analysis of all machinery and contract data, including servicing intervals.

Hako GmbH
D-Bad Oldesloe
Hall 1.2, Booth 200b and 200c

Contact: Michael Bentin
Phone: +49-4531-806369

Hako GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 200a

Hako GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 200a
Hako GmbH: PowerBoss Nautilus combination unit

Wide coverage and long running times

The manoeuvrable and robust combination unit PowerBoss Nautilus” (ill.) rounds off the top end of the Hako cleaning systems product sector. With its large capacity this machine guarantees long running times and the ability to cover up to 15,200 m2 per hour.The controls are laid out ergonomically and all the individual units are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. Premises covering large areas, such as logistics centres, require special machines in order to ensure that cleaning can be carried out within the specified time. With the PowerBoss Nautlius sweeping can be carried out in a single process together with suction cleaning and scrubbing. With its environmentally friendly, quiet drive system, a tank with a volume of just under 400 l and a large container for dirt, this combination machine has been designed to cover large areas efficiently and to operate uninterruptedly for long periods. The PowerBoss Nautilus on show at CMS Berlin 2015 is being displayed for the first time at any trade fair.

Hako GmbH
D-Bad Oldesloe
Hall 1.2, Booth 200a

Contact: Michael Bentin
Phone: +49-4531-806369

Hako GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 200d

Hako GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 200d
Hako GmbH: Citymaster 1600 CityCleaner

Instant changeover between sweeping and scrubbing

Hako now offers a multi-purpose unit, the “Citymaster 1600” for careful cleaning of surfaces and joints on basic and more up-market outdoor paving, and this is also provided with an add-on scrubber deck. This development is making its first appearance at any trade show at CMS Berlin 2015. In addition to asphalt and concrete surfaces or flooring with cladding, such as in multi-storey car parks, the Citymaster 1600 CityCleaner (ill.) can also be used for wet cleaning of exclusive paving, natural stone or other up-market surfaces. Regular cleaning with this multi-purpose machine also helps to reduce the nuisance caused by chewing gum in inner cities. On 26 May 2015 its suitability for removing streaks of oil was tested and confirmed by DEKRA. The inclusion of the
scrubber deck in the quick change system on the Citymaster 1600 makes it possible to switch instantly between sweeping and scrubbing functions.

Hako GmbH
D-Bad Oldesloe
Hall 1.2, Booth 200d

Contact: Michael Bentin
Phone: +49-4531-806369

IGEFA Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG - Hall 1.2 / Stand 112

IGEFA Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG - Hall 1.2 / Stand 112
IGEFA Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG: igefa catalogue of building cleaning products

Cooperation with a new partner and individual product design

IGEFA Handelsgesellschaft is making use of CMS Berlin 2015 to inform visitors about its new cooperative agreement with the trading company Jesse. This provides access to a range of more than 120,000 products for personal protection. The icos system offers a range of customised electronic ordering solutions for companies of all sizes, taking into account the working processes of each individual user, and has been nominated for the CMS Purus Award 2015. Individually styled products such as coffee mugs and serviettes meet with a very good response from customers in large catering systems. Working on site, the exhibitor’s graphic artists can produce a personal design. The seminars offered by the igefa Campus have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the providers of cleaning services. The highly qualified trainers and speakers have wide-ranging practical experience and detailed knowledge of the industry.

IGEFA Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
D-Ahrensfelde/ OT Blumberg
Hall 1.2, Booth 112

Contact: Steffi Reuter
Phone: +49-33394-51198

IP Gansow GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 111

IP Gansow GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 111
IP Gansow GmbH: CT 80 ride-on floor scrubber

Predictions made using current machine data

The CT 80 ride-on floor scrubber (ill.), which is being displayed for the first time in Germany at CMS Berlin 2015, has been design to optimise the cleaning process, conserve resources and maximise productivity. The APC system continually monitors the tank contents and regulates the amount of water used. A process computer uses current machine data in order to make predictions, for example about travelling speed, water consumption and working width. This information can then be read on the display on the operating console. Changes in travelling speed or the amount of water may affect the machine’s productivity. For lightly soiled floors an eco-switch can be activated to reduce the speed of the suction motor by 20 per cent. At the same time the travelling speed and amount of water used are also reduced by 20 per cent. A micro SD card is used to store a wide range of machine data, and this information can subsequently be read and evaluated as a means of increasing productivity and to identify possible operating errors.

IP Gansow GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 111

Contact: Roswitha Weber
Phone: +49-2303-25800

Jöst GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 218

Jöst GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 218
Jöst GmbH: Compact versions of the floor sander

Fast and efficient sanding, cleaning or polishing

The BigBoy junior (on left in picture) is ideal for dealing with both large and small surfaces. Covering a very compact area and with reduced weight, it enables sanding, cleaning or polishing to be carried out quickly and efficiently. Like the larger model it can tackle a range of tasks from coarse to fine sanding as well as the cleaning of almost any surface. Its innovative suction system in conjunction with useit® grinding paste ensures fast, cost-saving and dust-free action. The junior version of the Jöst Floor Sander (on the right in the picture) offers a multi-purpose solution for dealing with floors in the most effective way. Its light weight makes it even easier to operate. The junior Floor Sander, which is also making its world debut, dispenses with an integrated vacuum cleaner, making it ideal for narrow or low areas, as well as for working on stairways or under tables. The floor sander is provided with a hose attachment for separate dust extraction.

Jöst GmbH
Hall 3.2, Booth 218

Contact: Christian Jöst
Phone: +49-6207-94100

JUMA Reinigungstechnik GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 122

JUMA Reinigungstechnik GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 122
JUMA Reinigungstechnik GmbH: STEP 100 wet-cleaning machine for walkways

Front surface and tread cleaned in one action

The highlight of the display in Hall 2.2 at CMS Berlin 2015 by JUMA Reinigungstechnik GmbH, which is based in Salem in the state of Baden-Württemberg, is the STEP 100, an automated, wet-cleaning machine for use on escalators (ill.). The exhibitor claims that it provides highly efficient cleaning of moving walkways. The rotating brushes ensure that both the front surface and treads of the escalator can be cleaned in a single action. The mixture of water and cleaning fluid that is sprayed on is also removed during the cleaning cycle so that the escalator can be put back into operation as soon as the cleaning process has been completed. The integrated suction system also prevents liquids from penetrating inside the escalator, thereby avoiding any damage. Another advantage of the STEP 100 is the very large tanks, with a capacity of 20 l, enabling cleaning to be carried out over longer periods.

JUMA Reinigungstechnik GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth 122

Contact: Tobias Junker
Phone: +49-7553-8274016

Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG - Hall 3.2 / Stand 100

Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG - Hall 3.2 / Stand 100
Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG: MC 130 suction sweeper

Capable of being driven on footpaths by car licence holders

Among the new products being displayed by Kärcher at the fair is a compact suction sweeper, the MC 130 (ill.) in the 1 m³ category, which has been nominated for the CMS Purus Award 2015. Even when fully laden this robust and agile machine does not exceed the permitted total weight of 3.5 t, which means that, according to Paragraph 35 of the German road traffic regulations, it can be operated on footpaths, and drivers only need to hold a car licence. With its large water and diesel tanks the hot water, high pressure trailer can be used as a stand-alone unit for cleaning operations lasting up to 30 minutes. It is making its German debut at CMS Berlin 2015, and its outstanding features are its economical operation and built-in protection against frost, making it ideal for winter use too. The B 95 RS step-on floor scrubber combines numerous functions that have already become well established features of the Kärcher programme: the energy-saving eco efficiency mode, the DOSE cleaning agent dispensing system, the KIK colour key system and the Auto-Fill tank filling system.

Kärcher / Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG
Hall 3.2, Booth 100

Contact: Linda Schrödter
Phone: +49-7195-143918

KENTER GmbH und Prime Partner - Hall 1.2 / Stand 113 and 118

KENTER GmbH und Prime Partner - Hall 1.2 / Stand 113 and 118
KENTER GmbH und Prime Partner: i-Mop, Vispa XS, Orbot SprayBorg

Multi-directional scrubbing and suctioncleaning

The KENTER company is presenting a number of new products at CMS Berlin 2015 They include
the new Service2go software and Vispa XS, an ultra-compact, automated wet scrubber (centre of picture), which can scrub and suction clean in any direction. The Orbot SprayBorg (on right in picture) can clean any textile or hard floor, using orbital technology to enhance the mechanical cleaning power, thereby enabling users to make considerable savings on water, chemicals and time, at reduced temperatures. Visitors can find another orbital machine, the KENTER Basic Orbital, on the stand in Hall 1.2. The i-Mop (on left in picture) is a combination of scrubber/suction cleaner and flat mop, which the exhibitors still regard as one of their most important innovations. Another of the highlights is the non-stop cleaning system for ride-on machines, which filters the dirty water through three stages, enabling work to be carried out over several days without the need to refill with fresh water. The Vispa XS and Service2go are both making their trade fair debuts.

KENTER GmbH and Prime Partner
Hall 1.2, Booth 113 and 118

Contact: Thomas Thiel
Phone: +49-8221-279940

JOHANNES KIEHL KG - Hall 3.2 / Stand 219

JOHANNES KIEHL KG - Hall 3.2 / Stand 219
JOHANNES KIEHL KG: Sanikal-eco sanitary cleaner

Environmentally compatible cleaning products with the EU eco-label

KIEHL has been manufacturing chemical products for use in cleaning, care and hygiene for
111 years, during which time it has introduced many trail-blazing innovations. The company will continue to supply building cleaners, including even the most demanding, with the finest products and services. Among the new items on show at CMS is the acid-free sanitary cleaner Sanikal-eco (ill.) which has been awarded the EU eco-label, and is exempt from the requirement to display any GHS labels. Rivamat is an environmentally friendly, tenside-free intensive cleaning agent for use in scrubber-suction cleaners and on carpets. Vinox-eco, which removes limescale and fats, has been created for kitchens and food-handling areas and has also been awarded the EU eco-label. Kiehl-Basic-Oil is the name of the impregnating oil made from renewables for use on floors made of real wood or stone. The Kiehl-App, a 24/7 information service on smartphones and tablets about products and their uses has been nominated for the CMS Purus Award 2015. All of the new products are making their first appearance at any trade show in Germany.

Hall 3.2, Booth 219

Contact: Johannes Peter Kiehl
Phone: +49-8134-93050

Kimberly-Clark GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 209

Kimberly-Clark GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 209
Kimberly-Clark GmbH: SCOTT MAX roller towel system

Roller towel system with increased capacity

The SCOTT® MAX (ill.) roller towel system from Kimberly-Clark Professional* offers the largest possible capacity and permanent availability. This innovative development, on show at CMS Berlin 2015, is being displayed for the first time at a trade fair in Germany. It has been designed to give maximum user satisfaction and low maintenance in washrooms. At 1,400 sheets per roll it provides for some 700 hand-drying actions with each refill, making it the market leader in this field, the exhibitor reports. Moreover, the AIRFLEX* material used in the SCOTT® MAX roller towels absorbs water faster than standard paper towels, according to the manufacturer. Its exceptional absorbency and tear-resistance, especially when wet, ensure effective hand-drying and reduced consumption. As this exhibitor at CMS states, this is a completely user-friendly product with a simple and reliable towel dispensing system.

Kimberly-Clark GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 209

Contact: Uschi Feryy
Phone: +49-6126-584885

LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 100

LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 100
LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH: Quality control with the LANDWEHR app

New design for the LANDWEHR L2

The industry software LANDWEHR L2 features in an exclusive display at CMS Berlin 2015. Users will find that it has been modernised and now has a completely new look. The user interface of
the LANDWEHR L2 has been given a makeover with a distinctive look, and this applies both to the PC workstation and to mobile devices using the LANDWEHR app (ill.). Improvements have been made to the guidance provided for operators and the system is even more user-friendly. As a result many of the items on the menu can be found much faster and more intuitively. Moreover many of the menus are grouped together in a much more practical way. Search functions are available in the menu structures, enabling specific menu items to be accessed directly. Anyone who is already using the LANDWEHR app will recognise known icons and will soon feel at ease with the new design. The overall impression is further enhanced by the clear layout and the modern and innovative design.

LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 100

Contact: Dr. Daniel Reinke
Phone: +49-5908-938176

Leafield Environmental Ltd - Hall 4.2 / Stand 110

Leafield Environmental Ltd - Hall 4.2 / Stand 110
Leafield Environmental Ltd: Meridian refuse bin

Collection and separation of refuse at source

The “Meridian” recycling bin from Leafield Environmental, which is exhibiting for the first time at CMS Berlin, was designed in 2012 in partnership with the University of Greenwich. The 110 litre “Meridian Envirobin” was initially designed to take two waste streams in a single unit with a ratio of 70 to 30 in favour of mixed recyclables. The lifting lid on the non-recyclables side is intended to encourage users to stop and think before committing their waste to landfill. The triple-lid version (ill.) was a rapid response to customer demands. This container has a 100 per cent open top lid and a 70-30 split lid with both sides open. The additional container area means that cans or bottles can be segregated and there is also a liquids reservoir to prevent spillages. A slot aperture allows paper to be collected. The Meridian range provides a flexible and adaptable solution for collection and separation of waste at source.

Leafield Environmental Ltd
Hall 4.2, Booth 110

Contact: Vince Wright
Phone: +44-7818-017257

Karlhans Lehmann KG - Hall 4.2 / Stand 106

Karlhans Lehmann KG - Hall 4.2 / Stand 106
Karlhans Lehmann KG: Wiper cover featuring a new bi-component handle

New bi-component handle is the heart of the system

Innovative products and systems from Lehmann are designed to ensure that the cleaning of glass, facades and solar panels can be made safer and more productive. This exhibitor is helping to implement sustainable cleaning concepts with highly efficient solutions that significantly reduce the amount of water, energy and cleaning agents used. The LEWI Bionic product range is a new development from this company and can be seen at CMS Berlin 2015, the first time it has been shown at any German trade fair. The exhibitor describes it as meeting the most exacting demands in terms of ergonomics and functionality. The range comprises high quality implements and includes window squeegees, wiper covers, window scrapers and brushes for use in a variety of
situations. At the heart of all these systems is the newly developed bi-component handle (ill.). Its highly effective shape makes work fast and easy. Furthermore, with the tried and tested LEWI attachment system it is safe to use with telescopic poles.

Lehmann / Karlhans Lehmann KG
Hall 4.2, Booth 106

Contact: Hanns Joachim Supthut
Phone: +49-3981-48850

Lindhaus S.r.l. - Hall 3.2 / Stand 103

Lindhaus S.r.l. - Hall 3.2 / Stand 103
Lindhaus S.r.l.: eco FORCE range

Patented weight distribution system

Lindhaus is exhibiting for the third time at CMS Berlin, where it is presenting its new, professional “eco FORCE” range (ill.). The Dynamic eco FORCE is an ultralight, twin-motor brush vacuum cleaner with a patented weight distribution system, weighing just 860 g at the handle. With 5,000 rpm the mechanical effect of the roller brush and the powerful suction ensure deep-down cleaning of any carpet. This is now the fourth generation of twin-motor RX brush vacuum cleaners. The RX eco FORCE range is a new clean air outlet system with reduced noise levels and an even wider
flow of air. The new handle with centrally mounted cable winder is an outstanding feature, both functionally and aesthetically. The LW30-38 pro multifunctional mechanical scrubbers have also been redesigned. They are very compact and with a height of only 14 cm and a weight of between 10.2 and 10.6 kg, the manufacturers report that they are the lowest and lightest such models in the world.

Lindhaus S.r.l.
Hall 3.2, Booth 103

Contact: Manuela Lazzari
Phone: +39-049-8700307

meiko Textil GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 220

meiko Textil GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 220
meiko Textil GmbH: S4 micro-fibre mop

Color Code System for maximum safety

New products for the professional cleaning sector are being developed by meiko in collaboration with its customers, to ensure that such products are perfectly meet their intended purpose. This exhibitor is presenting a number of new developments at CMS Berlin 2015. These include the S 4 micro-fibre mop (ill.) with its Color Code System for maximum safety. Available in blue, red, yellow and green, it meets the strictest hygiene requirements. Its micro-fibres give it maximum absorbency and enable it to remove dirt efficiently. The clean alternative to a scouring pad is the Universal cleaning pad with its combination of micro-fibres and bristles, making it the ideal aid for everyday
cleaning. Five versions are available, which can be washed at 95 degrees Celsius and are re-usable. The meiko micro-brush mop in white/grey, which is making its first appearance at any trade show, produces non-smear, pore-deep cleanliness. Its polyester bristles are inserted separately and can remove even persistent incrustation and heavy lime scale deposits without the
use of any chemicals.

meiko Textil GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth 220

Contact: Reiner Kleemeier
Phone: +49-9292-55123

Miele & Cie. KG - Hall 4.2 / Stand 122

Miele & Cie. KG - Hall 4.2 / Stand 122
Miele & Cie. KG: Mopstar in use

Washing machines to rent or lease

Miele Professional can now offer full-service leasing and rental arrangements for the providers of building cleaning services. Finance can be provided for washing machines, driers and the entire range of Miele customer services, including spare parts, and the details are being announced for the first time in Germany at CMS Berlin 2015. Also included in this portfolio is the “Mopstar” generation of washing machines (ill.), comprising four models capable of holding between 6.5 and 13 kg of mops or cleaning cloths and which use a patented method for impregnating ready-to-use cleaning textiles with cleaning and disinfecting agents. In advance of the actual washing process the patented Miele pre-spin removes the worst of the dirt and contaminated water from the mops. Reliable protection against bacteria in cleaning textiles can only be provided through careful coordination of the disinfecting washing process and the detergent used. “ProHygiene” is a new method for testing whether this interaction is functioning properly, and is available from Miele Professional as part of its equipment maintenance service. It involves the inclusion in the wash of strips of fabric which have been exposed to bacteria, and their subsequent analysis in a laboratory.

Miele & Cie. KG
Hall 4.2, Booth 122

Contact: Anke Schläger
Phone: +49-5241-891949

MP hygiene - Hall 4.2 / Stand 124

MP hygiene - Hall 4.2 / Stand 124
MP hygiene: Towel dispenser featuring Autocut

Ultra-resistant paper towels and quiet dispensing mechanism

MP hygiene is a French manufacturer of paper towels and can draw on more than 150 years of
expertise in this field. It is exhibiting at CMS Berlin for the first time in order to introduce its French-made products. The ultra-resistant DESL+® paper towels are very strong, both when wet and also when dry. They are 30 per cent more absorbent than other types and are also more economical, using 20 per cent less material. DESL+® paper towels combine the finest paper and the advantages of converting technology. They are the result of the highly effective bonding of
the folds in the paper, the best possible compression of the fibres and 40 point embossing with an unusual design. The new Autocut® mechanism for hand towel dispensers (ill.) operates more gently and quieter than other versions, as well as being very robust and suitable for 235 mm width perforated paper towels. It is suitable, for example, for use in hospitals and homes for the elderly, as well as in service areas.

MP hygiene
Hall 4.2, Booth 124

Contact: Aurélia Chovet
Phone: +33-4-75337505

Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 114

Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 114
Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH: activating orders by scanning a QR code

From quality management to establishing customer loyalty

One of the main challenges facing service providers is not only the acquisition of customers but ensuring their lasting loyalty. Outstanding levels of service are essential.The e-QSS software from Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH is a quick and easy way of controlling quality management, on a smartphone, tablet or PC, and e-QSS is used in 18,000 buildings, for example for cleaning and facility management. The most important concept in the new version, which is being presented at a trade show for the first time: e-QSS helps service providers to establish close links with their customers. For example, orders can be activated by scanning a QR code (ill.).
Users can provide notification in real time if there is no coffee in the office kitchen, or a lack of toilet tissues in the WC. This saves time for the service providers, who can intervene directly, wherever they are needed. In addition all the users’ forms are integrated in the new e-QSS.

Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH
Hall 3.2, Booth 114

Contact: Oswald Neumann
Phone: +49-8862-98700

nilco Reinigungsmaschinen GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 117

nilco Reinigungsmaschinen GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 117
nilco Reinigungsmaschinen GmbH: nilco RS 17A backpack vacuum cleaner

Lightweight with a long battery life

In addition to a new range of scrubber-suction cleaners, on its stand in Hall 3.2 at CMS Berlin 2015 nilco Reinigungsmaschinen GmbH, from Vaihingen/Enz in Baden-Württemberg, is shining the spotlight on its battery-powered version of the well-known RS17 backpack vacuum cleaner. The new nilco RS 17A (ill.) is an in-house development by this cleaning specialist and will be produced at the nilco factory in Vaihingen/Enz. The use of high quality lithium-ion batteries enables this unit to operate independently of a mains supply for up to 60 minutes. As well as the long battery life another outstanding feature is its lightness, with a weight of only 6 kg including the battery. It can be used with accessories from the mains-powered RS 17 and filter bags from the nilco Combi vacuum cleaner. The new nilco RS 17A battery-powered, backpack vacuum cleaner is making its international debut at CMS Berlin 2015.

nilco Reinigungsmaschinen GmbH
Hall 3.2, Booth 117

Contact: Holger Kringe
Phone: +49-7042-9120

Nilfisk GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stands 208 and 209

Nilfisk GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stands 208 and 209
Nilfisk GmbH: SC500 floor scrubber

Powerful and energy-efficient

One of the most important products from Nilfisk that is making its debut at CMS is the new and highly ergonomic SC2000 micro ride-on floor scrubber. It combines the manoeuvrability of traditional walk-behind units with the productivity, ergonomics and cleaning performance of larger ride-on machines. For cleaning larger areas there is the SC6500 ride-on floor scrubber, which is available in four different versions. The SC500 floor scrubber (ill.), which complies with HACCP requirements, has a scrubbing width of 53 cm. A new model, the VP600 industrial vacuum cleaner, has been nominated for this year’s CMS Purus Award and offers maximum cleaning power with reduced energy consumption, giving it an energy efficiency rating of A. Its two-stage, high performance turbine ensures a flexible output of either 350 or 800 W. One of the highlights in the high pressure sector is the new MC 4M cold water range. With its 14 different accessories the City Ranger 3500 equipment carrier provides outstanding flexibility for outdoor users.

Nilfisk GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 208 and 209

Contact: Monika Nyendick
Phone: +49-731-9628730

Numatic International GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 200

Numatic International GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 200
Numatic International GmbH: BLUE-LINE CRO8055/100 ride-on floor scrubber

Agile and easily manoeuvered

The compact BLUE-LINE ride-on floor scrubber CRO8055/100 (ill.) is the ideal choice, an economical cleaning machine for maintenance, special purposes and intermediate cleaning. Among its outstanding features are its manoeuvrability, enabling even the smallest areas to be cleaned. This machine has an operational width of 550 mm and can easily be driven through doorways and checkouts. The speed of the CRO8055/100 can be regulated from the user-friendly control panel. The standard gel batteries are maintenance-free and will power the machine for two hours before having to be recharged. Despite its compact dimensions it can be easily and comfortably operated by large people. Because it operates very quietly it is also ideal for use in such sensitive areas as hospitals.

Numatic International GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth 200

Contact: Daniela Faber
Phone: +49-511-984216115

OPHARDT HYGIENE-TECHNIK GmbH + Co. KG - Hall 2.2 / Stand 219

OPHARDT HYGIENE-TECHNIK GmbH + Co. KG - Hall 2.2 / Stand 219

New design elements enhance the appearance

SanTRAL® Next Generation (ill.) is the name of the complete range of stainless steel products from OPHARDT hygiene for public washrooms. They came onto the market in August and combine the many years of proven quality from this exhibitor and the functional characteristics of the existing
SanTRAL® range with new design elements to create an elegant and stylish appearance. All the components of this range will blend in perfectly with the ambiance of public washrooms. Unlike many similar products with a “stainless steel look”, all the housings for the items that make up the SanTRAL® Next Generation are of solid, high quality stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304), the exhibitor explains. The new range comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty and a permanent anti-fingerprint coating (AFP). These products significantly reduce the visible fingerprints that are a consequence of regular use, making cleaning easier and thereby saving time and costs. Visitors to the trade show can also see the tried and tested ingo-man® range of dispensers for the medical sector.

Hall 2.2, Booth 219

Contact: Markus Hochkirchen
Phone: +49-2835-18141

Pancomp International Oy - Hall 3.2 / Stand 111

Pancomp International Oy - Hall 3.2 / Stand 111
Pancomp International Oy: Smartphone app for tracking work times

An app for checking in and out

The Finnish company Pancomp International provides innovative mobile time and workflow management solutions as well as quality assurance systems for companies engaged in building cleaning and other services. In addition to the existing, easy-to-use handsets for tracking employee work times, Pancomp has now launched a smartphone application (ill.) on the market. This app enables users to check in and out, thereby providing a record of the hours worked. Cleaners or supervisors can also report deviations together with their own text comments and a picture. This app also manages weekly task lists and enables quality audits to be carried out at customer sites. The smartphone app is part of the industry standard PANCOMP cleaning time attendance and workflow management system and is intended for all those who want a simple solution and easy-to-use software for tracking working times. “Pancomp Clean” has been designed to give real time analysis of performance, thereby increasing efficiency and profitability.

Pancomp International Oy
Hall 3.2, Booth 111

Contact: Paula Pieniniemi
Phone: +358-45-2320000

Papernet S.p.A.: Dissolve tech towels

Papernet S.p.A.: Dissolve tech towels
Papernet S.p.A.: Dissolve tech towels

Tear-resistant, absorbent and water-soluble

The Italian company Papernet has included a new and unusual line of products in its range: Dissolve tech towels (ill.). When dry these folded towels and towel rolls are tear-resistant, absorbent and as easy to use as a standard paper towel. When they come into contact with water they dissolve within 3 minutes like toilet paper. If the paper towels do find their way into the sewage system they reduce the risk of pipe blockages, thereby reducing maintenance costs. These are therefore ideal products for use in transport systems and in facilities with limited drainage systems, for example on aircraft, trains and ships, as well as on camp sites, in schools and other heavily frequented areas. Papernet S.p.A. is a subsidiary of the Sofidel group and is displaying its new products such as the Dissolve tech towels, which are making their German debut at CMS Berlin 2015, on a shared stand in Hall 3.2.

Papernet S.p.A.
Hall 3.2, Booth 110

Contact: Christina Gräfenhan
Phone: +49-36848-385243

Pfennig Reinigungstechnik GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 212

Pfennig Reinigungstechnik GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 212
Pfennig Reinigungstechnik GmbH: MopFloat dispensing trough with dispensing rings

Reliable cleaning of clean room surfaces

MopFloat is an innovative system for the reliable and effective cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in all categories of clean room, including sterile areas. MopFloat complies with the hygienic design recommendations and the specifications for precise preparation systems. The clever design of MopFloat always ensures a consistent soaking of the mop covers. This is achieved through the interaction between the force of gravity acting on the liquid on the one hand, and the optimum capillary effect of the mop’s microfibres on the other. The unit is supplied with rings to ensure that
precise and measurable amounts of the operating solution remain in the dispensing trough (ill.). As a result the amount to be dispensed can be varied according to the intended purpose or the type of mop being used. The mop covers can be evenly and thoroughly soaked for each process. Because no liquid remains in the trough, the MopFloat system provides clear evidence of reproducibility.

Pfennig Reinigungstechnik GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 212

Contact: Philipp Reiber
Phone: +49-831-5612248

PGI Nonwovens BV Chicopee - Hall 2.2 / Stand 120

PGI Nonwovens BV Chicopee - Hall 2.2 / Stand 120
PGI Nonwovens BV Chicopee: Chicopee Microfibre Light

Cleaning cloth with a special microfibre structure

Chicopee Microfibre Light (ill.) is a cleaning cloth for the healthcare sector which is now being launched on the European market. The special, splittable 100 per cent microfibre structure delivers superior cleaning results. Microfibre Light has been designed for short term use and the manufacturer claims that it will remove 99.99 per cent of microbes. The cloth does not require laundering, and thus reduces the time spent by cleaning staff on non value-added tasks. Unlike traditional cloths it also removes bacteria without the use of chemicals. Chicopee has also developed a new dispensing system, which is also making its market debut in Europe and produces customised, disposable wet wipes. The Single Use Dispense System, known by the acronym S.U.D.S., offers a choice of three different kinds of dry cloths, which are available on a perforated roll and can be used with cleaning chemicals, with which the user is already familiar, for various, specific purposes.

PGI Nonwovens BV Chicopee
Hall 2.2, Booth 120

Contact: Mike Verhagen
Phone: +31-653-355054

ph-cleantec GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 211

ph-cleantec GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 211
ph-cleantec GmbH: Equipment cleaning process

A combination of low pressure and hot water

A first-time exhibitor at CMS Berlin, ph-cleantec is displaying a low-pressure, hot water cleaning process that has been developed in-house. It is based on a combination of low pressure of up to a maximum of 14 bar and water at a temperature of 95 degrees celsius. This temperature can be obtained within a minute by means of a continuous flow electric water heater, which means that cleaning can be carried out almost immediately. In a similar way to pressure washers, this unit is operated using a gun (illustration). The low pressure and a water consumption of only 2 l/min offer significant advantages compared with the high pressure system, enabling cleaning to take place directly within the production area. This process is designed to protect sensitive components from damage. The amount of water required, and to be disposed, is very small. The surrounding area and operators are not affected. The ph-cleantec cleaning system can also be used in confined spaces and no special protective measures need to be undertaken.

ph-cleantec GmbH, Christoph Oster
Hall 3.2, Booth 211

Contact: Christoph Oster
Phone: +49-711-5180600

Prodifa SAS - Hall 3.2 / Stand 222a

Prodifa SAS - Hall 3.2 / Stand 222a
Prodifa SAS: Anti-Splash-Urinalgitter

Long points to prevent splashing

An innovative, long-lasting, scented urinal grid is being presented for the first time in Germany by the French company Prodifa at CMS Berlin 2015. The new design, with extended points on the upper surface, prevents splashing when the flow of urine strikes the urinal. This “Anti-Splash
urinal grid (ill.) is available in three scents: mint, mango and apple-cinnamon. On contact with warm urine enzymes are released to prevent the build up of hard urinary minerals. The urinal is kept clean with each flush. The exhibitor’s urinal grids can also be personalised, enabling customers to
have their company names printed on the top surface. Prodifa supplies many other products for use in sanitary installations too. At CMS Berlin this product can be personally tested in the men’s toilet in Hall 3.2.

Prodifa SAS
Hall 3.2, Booth 222a

Contact: Angelika Bolsinger
Phone: +33-3-27288203

Projektron GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 216

Projektron GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 216
Projektron GmbH: Project overview with Projektron BCS

New ticket functions and improved usability

The web-based project management software Projektron BCS (ill.) from Projektron GmbH provides central documentation of customer enquiries and the relevant solutions. As the company is demonstrating on its stand in Hall 1.2, Version 7.24 and subsequent versions enable this stored knowledge to be systematically used for dealing with new tickets. This is achieved through the use of new search algorithms as well as new marking and re-utilisation functions. Projektron BCS lists tickets with a similar content directly on the ticket to be processed. Relevant ticket comments can also be colour-highlighted. Moreover, FAQ entries can be generated from relevant ticket comments. In this way, with just a few clicks, the FAQ area can be developed and extended. The new version
also offers improved usability. For ticket screenshots, contractual documents about projects or Power-Point presentations about due dates, the required files can be uploaded to Projektron BCS using drag and drop.

Projektron GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 216
Hall 1.2, Booth 216

Contact: Berit Krüger
Phone: +49-30-34747640

REBI GmbH REINIGUNGSTECHNIK - Hall 4.2 / Stand 207

REBI GmbH REINIGUNGSTECHNIK - Hall 4.2 / Stand 207
REBI GmbH: TOMCAT Stick EDGE with suction accessory

Ideal problem-solver for many types of floor surface

The exhibitor of the EDGE system describes it as the ideal problem-solver for many different floor surfaces. With a diverse range of more than 30 different tools it ensures maximum flexibility for all professional users. Plastic, wood and artificial stone floors as well as porcelain stoneware can be cleaned, abraded, polished or renovated using this technology. The rectangular shape of the single-pad scrubber machine gives users the best possible results, especially when working around the edges of floor surfaces, and provides an ideal introduction to the EDGE system. The Stick EDGE (illustration), a world first that is on display at CMS Berlin 2015, gives consistent results and avoids the working problems that arise with other machines of this type. The vastly reduced use of chemicals and water enables users to save on materials and time as well as cutting costs. The walk-behind and sit-on machines from REBI are also available with the EDGE system.

REBI GmbH REINIGUNGSTECHNIK,TOMCAT sole agency for Germany, Maximilian Knicker
Hall 4.2, Booth 207

Contact: Maximilian Knicker
Phone: +49-212-22668948

Rezi Microfaserprodukte GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 216

Rezi Microfaserprodukte GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 216
Rezi Microfaserprodukte GmbH: Mop and cloth featuring COPPER+

Antibacterial treatment for cleaning textiles

Working together with the University of Innsbruck, Rezi has developed a new type of process for the antibacterial improvement of cleaning textiles such as cloths and mops. “Idle periods” or “incorrect applications” often make damp cleaning textiles an ideal breeding ground for pathogens. Incorrect use greatly increases the dangers of spreading bacteria, and the risk of infection, for
example, in hospitals is an acute problem facing personnel and patients alike. The new “COPPER+” method from Rezi is a copper-based process that provides cloths and mops with antibacterial properties. It does not require the use of any chemicals or nanotechnology in order to achieve its
antibacterial effect. COPPER+ is harmless for users and the environment and is making its worldwide debut at CMS Berlin 2015. This process makes use of the natural, antibacterial effects of copper and not only prevents the spread of bacteria but also eliminates up to 99.9 per cent of them, as scientific studies have demonstrated.

Rezi Microfaserprodukte GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 216

Contact: Thomas Pachole
Phone: +43-5577-88544

Rosemor International Ltd - Hall 1.2 / Stand 203a

Rosemor International Ltd - Hall 1.2 / Stand 203a
Rosemor International Ltd: Rotomac ET15B

More brushes and a battery back-up function

The main features of the Rotomac ET15B (illustration) are its outstanding cleaning capabilities, long working life and excellent efficiency. It offers many advantages over previous models. For example, the Rotomac ET15B operates with 15 brushes, while the Rotomac 360 has only eleven. Moreover it also has newly developed tanks for fresh and dirty water, an improved transport system and a newly designed housing. The battery back-up function of the Rotomac ET15B ensures that the machine can be safely removed in the event of a power failure or defective escalator. The control panel display has been improved by the inclusion of stainless steel buttons. A plug-in connector is available for easy connection of a T-10 automatic cleaning unit for moving walkways. A flexible time setting regulates the short cleaning intervals. The manuals have been revised and now contain detailed illustrations to assist users even more. Rosemor has launched a campaign to enable its customers to trade in their used Rotomacs for the new Rotomac ET15B wet cleaner for moving walkways.

Rosemor International Ltd, Efi Rosen
Hall 1.2, Booth 203a

Contact: Efi Rosen
Phone: +44-1491-838011

RP-Technik GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 127

RP-Technik GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 127
RP-Technik GmbH: LiFePO4 battery

Ideal solution for cyclical usage

RP-Technik GmbH, based in Rodgau, is exhibiting at CMS Berlin for the first time, where its LiFePO4 batteries (ill.) can be seen on its stand in Hall 3.2. They are a new addition to the company’s range and are claimed to provide an ideal solution for cyclical battery usage. They represent the right choice for a number of reasons. With more than 2,000 cycles at a 100 per cent discharge LiFePO4 batteries offer excellent battery life even with cyclical utilisation, which is why the manufacturer provides a three-year guarantee. Furthermore LiFePO4 batteries weight substantially less than traditional lead-acid batteries, but can be charged with standard lead-acid
characteristic curves due to their internal battery management system (BMS). The BMS also guarantees the safety of LiFePO4 batteries. The rapid charge function is another major advantage, and in addition the new batteries from RP-Technik are temperature-resistant, durable, environmentally friendly and adaptable.

RP-Technik GmbH
Hall 3.2, Booth 127

Contact: Michèle-Christin Jehs
Phone: +49-861-706901010

SCA Hygiene Products AFH Sales GmbH - Hall 4.2, Stand 213

SCA Hygiene Products AFH Sales GmbH - Hall 4.2, Stand 213
SCA Hygiene Products AFH Sales GmbH: Tork Image Design range

Elegant stainless steel styling

Visitors to this year’s international cleaning trade fair CMS Berlin will find a particular highlight on the Tork stand: the new Image Design range of washroom dispensers. Available in September in Germany for the first time, their elegant stainless steel styling will enhance any washroom. The main features of the new dispensers are their smooth lines, curved stainless steel and attractive details. The distinctive design of the Tork Image Design™ range (ill.) blends perfecting with interiors and augments the quality of the washroom. The Hygiene Products brand is also displaying two
other cleverly designed systems at CMS Berlin 2015, the Tork EasyCube and SmartFresh™. The IT-based services help to provide washroom users with a unique sense of well-being, as well as improving cleaning processes and cutting the servicing and operational costs of washrooms.

SCA Hygiene Products AFH Sales GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 213

Contact: Petra Resedaritz
Phone: +49-40-67944682

Schneidereit GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 127

Schneidereit GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 127
Schneidereit GmbH: EasyMopp washing machine

System monitors and validates disinfection process

Schneidereit is presenting a world first at CMS Berlin 2015: the “EasyMopp” washing machine (ill.). With its innovative single-button operating system the “EasyMopp” ensures safe cleaning of mops and cloths in compliance with RKI (hospital hygiene) directives. With just one button each for the mop and cloth cleaning programmes, this machine is very easy to operate and has been designed with the user in mind. Its outstanding feature: the system monitors and validates the disinfection process, which cannot be interfered with externally, and can be followed in real time by means of a specially developed app. If an error message is received, however, for example that the washing chemicals level is too low, or the minimum temperature has not been reached, the programme transmits a push message to the smartphone app or an SMS to a mobile phone. This enables the user to react immediately. A red light indicates to the user that the disinfection process has not operated correctly. The “EasyMopp” has been nominated for the CMS Purus Award 2015.

Schneidereit GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 127

Contact: Melitta Genßler
Phone: +49-212-7000358

Schneidereit GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 203

Schneidereit GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 203
Schneidereit GmbH: T.R.A.C. terminal

Deploying staff more efficiently and economically

Schneidereit has developed its own system for recording attendance times, T.R.A.C. (ill.). The acronym stands for “Time Recording and Controlling”. This system enables the deployment of staff in buildings to be organised more efficiently and more economically. The combination of electronic fingerprint and contactless chip chard system is very user-friendly, error-free and forgery-proof. If required, accounting data for staff can be supplied to customs officials in conformity with the posted workers’ legislation. The system also provides interfaces with various payroll accounting systems. Clients only pay for its use when the system is fully operational. T.R.A.C. can be economically used in premises of all sizes, including smaller buildings and even one-man key facilities or delivery drivers. Schneidereit Professional also offers its 360 degree service with T.R.A.C.

Schneidereit GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 203

Contact: Melitta Genßler
Phone: +49-212-7000358

SEBO Stein & Co. GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 213

SEBO Stein & Co. GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 213
SEBO Stein & Co. GmbH: SEBO EVOLUTION upright vacuum cleaner

Replacing connecting cables quickly and without tools

In creating the new SEBO EVOLUTION range the developers have attached particular importance to durability, user-friendliness and ease of maintenance. The practical rubber connector enables the cable to be quickly replaced without requiring any tools, saving time and avoiding expensive repairs. No tools are needed either to remove the brush strips, which are release by pressing a button. The height of the brushes can be easily adjusted using a foot or the hand-held suction tube. The hand-held suction tube with its telescopic hose also makes it easy to clean those inaccessible
corners. Cleverly thought-out details such as the self-releasing joint, the practical cleaning flap and the ergonomic handle are other outstanding features of the SEBO EVOLUTION (ill.), which has been nominated for the CMS PURUS AWARD 2015. All the new models are also equipped with SEBO S class filtration, a three-stage filter system that satisfies the exacting requirements of sufferers from asthma or allergies.

SEBO Stein & Co. GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 213

Contact: Alina Zöllner
Phone: +49-2053-898256

Sicherheitshalber Neumann Jaremko Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG - Hall 3.2 / Stand 206

Sicherheitshalber Neumann Jaremko Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG - Hall 3.2 / Stand 206
Sicherheitshalber Neumann Jaremko Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG: Criminal investigations

When the public prosecutor calls

Criminal investigations are a burden and defence advocacy is very expensive. In the event of a dereliction of duty in business it is always the senior executives who are answerable, with the threat of criminal proceedings. Insurance is available to cover the high costs of defence in such cases. For many years now building cleaners have been facing an increasing volume of criminal investigations. Whether their actions are justified or not, the public prosecutor and the authorities waste no time in conducting such investigations. Even minor organisational deficiencies are seen as a reason to take action. It is always the company management who bear the brunt of the investigations, and
have to mount a sudden defence, whether they want to or not. The costs are immense and cannot be classified as operating costs, but instead always have to be borne by the defendant himself. Based in Königstein im Taunus, the company Sicherheitshalber is presenting its special insurance against claims at CMS Berlin for the first time at a trade show and also for the first time in Germany, offering a solution that meets the costs of defending against such claims, making it possible to calculate operating costs and relieving defendants of any private financial burdens.

Sicherheitshalber Neumann Jaremko Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG
D-Königstein im Taunus
Hall 3.2, Booth 206

Contact: Jörg Jaremko
Phone: +49-177-4923048

Sofidel S.p.A. - Hall 3.2 / Stand 110

Sofidel S.p.A. - Hall 3.2 / Stand 110
Sofidel S.p.A.: MaterBi and antibacterial range of dispensers

Minimalist lines and clearly defined styling

Working together with the well known product designer Stefano Giovannoni, the Sofidel
subsidiary Papernet has developed a new range of dispensers, which are being displayed
for the first time in Germany at CMS Berlin 2015 on the shared stand in Hall 3.2: the Hy Tech series (ill.). The minimalist lines and clearly defined styling make these products both unusual
and timeless. The shape of the dispensers is intended to simplify daily use and facilitate correct operation. The smooth surfaces and absence of any sharp edges make them easier to clean. Because they adapt harmoniously to any location they can be installed anywhere. The antibacterial lines of the Hy Tech dispensers make them particularly suitable for areas requiring high standards
of hygiene such as kitchens and hospitals. The silver-ion coating prevents the spread of bacteria, thereby meeting the hygienic requirements of such locations. The MaterBi series is made using a natural bio-synthetic material and is therefore especially environmentally friendly.

Sofidel S.p.A.
Hall 3.2, Booth 110

Contact: Christina Gräfenhan
Phone: +49-36848-385243

tana-Chemie GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 211

tana-Chemie GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 211
tana-Chemie GmbH: SMART system

SMART system for innovative dispensing

SMART (ill.) is an innovative dispensing and security system being exhibited by Werner & Mertz Professional at CMS Berlin 2015. It operates very efficiently using an intuitive membrane technology, making dispensing both rapid and easy, without the need for any additional equipment, and avoiding any damage to materials or work-related accidents by preventing the inadvertent escape of liquid. The “green-effective® product design” with a system that is fully integrated in the familiar 1 litre bottle is not only 100 per cent recyclable but is itself made of more than 30 per cent
recycled polyethylene, which is an innovative development in commercial cleaning. The SMART system has been nominated for the CMS Purus Award 2015. It already comprises the products “TANET alcoSmart”, “SANET inoSmart” and “TAWIP novoSmart”, which will soon be joined by “MANUDISH neoSmart” and “GREASE optiSmart”.

tana-Chemie GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 211

Contact: Alena Hill
Phone: +49-6131-9642522

teamdress Stein Deutschland GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 205

teamdress Stein Deutschland GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 205
teamdress Stein Deutschland GmbH: polo tunics

Many new colour combinations

First impressions count, and this is especially true of staff uniforms. Wearers should feel comfortable and fashionable, but the clothing should also be practical. The polo tunics (ill.) satisfy these conditions, combining the functionality of a tunic with that of a polo shirt. Many new colour combinations are now available, with or without pockets, and with stand-up collars for women. This exhibitor’s traditional tabards also feature fresh colours. Modern styling and design, maximum functionality and excellent manufacturing quality are characteristics of teamdress. Good washability and suitable leasing arrangements are other important criteria in the development of new products. As a manufacturer of ready-to-wear clothing, this Hamburg-based company specialises in supplying modern workwear, protective clothing and fashionable working clothes for many industries.

teamdress Stein Deutschland GmbH
Hall 3.2, Booth 205

Contact: Katja Fahrenkrog
Phone: +49-40-80090501

Tennant GmbH & Co. KG - Hall 1.2 / Stand 120

Tennant GmbH & Co. KG - Hall 1.2 / Stand 120
Tennant GmbH & Co. KG: T300 scrubber-suction cleaner

Scrubber-suction cleaner with ec-H2O NanoClean

The Tennant company is introducing its latest scrubber/suction cleaner, the hand-held T300 (ill.), which is now being displayed for the first time at any trade show, at CMS Berlin 2015. The T300 is the first such machine of this kind to be equipped with Tennant’s chemical-free cleaning innovation, ec-H2O NanoClean™. This machine delivers consistently high performance as well as reducing
cleaning costs. It is also very versatile and meets the requirements imposed by many different cleaning situations. Customers can choose from a range of machine configurations in order to achieve the best possible cleaning performance for virtually all hard floor surfaces. The T300
is available either as a single or dual disc machine, with an orbital head or dual rollers. It also has a built-in Pro-Panel™ LCD touchscreen to simplify work processes, together with programmable Zone Settings™ and operator ID with a lockable control program.

Tennant GmbH & Co. KG
D-Kirchheim unter Teck
Hall 1.2, Booth 120

Contact: Laura Taeymans
Phone: +32-475-782118

TG hyLIFT GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 117

TG hyLIFT GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 117

An easy way to clean solar panels

Solar and photovoltaic arrays are clean energy processes. However, their efficiency depends on keeping the surfaces of the panels clean. The energy yield is substantially reduced if dirt is allowed to accumulate, and this can also attack the sensitive coating and seals. hyCLEANER® black SOLAR, a semi-automated cleaning system for solar and photovoltaic panels (illustration), is being exhibited by the manufacturer for the first time at any trade show at CMS Berlin and also for the first time in Germany. It provides for easy, rapid and above all ecological and economical cleaning of sensitive solar and photovoltaic panels, which are often also difficult to access. Its excellent mechanical performance means that outstanding cleaning results can be obtained with only limited water consumption. The machine is operated remotely by means of a radio controlled system, enabling the operator to achieve consistently good results, without requiring any physical effort and without the need to walk on the panels, and also without chemical additives or cleaning agents.

TG hyLIFT GmbH, Alfons Thihatmer
Hall 2.2, Booth 117

Contact: Alfons Thihatmer
Phone: +49-2565-4077625

TTS cleaning S.R.L. - Hall 2.2. / Stand 123

TTS cleaning S.R.L. - Hall 2.2. / Stand 123
TTS cleaning S.R.L.: Attachment/detachment system for the Magic cleaning trolley

Trolley detachment system gives greater flexibility

TTS has developed the first attachment/detachment system for Magic cleaning trolleys (ill.). It easily operates with any wheel size, can be used on uneven floor surfaces and gives improved manoeuvrability. A lever serves as a locking system and prevents accidental separation of the trolley modules. The cleaning trolleys are separated by simply unclicking them, thereby creating two modules for easier and more effective cleaning operations and with maximum agility and freedom of movement. The most suitable trolley module can be chosen for specific cleaning purposes, according to requirements, cutting down the distances that operatives have to walk. The new system provides an ideal solution for confined areas and can be used in narrow spaces such as elevators. The hooks are solid, made of bi-coloured plastic and provided with a security system to prevent accidental separation of the trolleys. TTS cleaning is exhibiting at CMS Berlin for the first time and its new attachment system is making its German debut in Hall 2.2.

TTS cleaning S.R.L.
I-Santa Giustina in Colle
Hall 2.2, Booth 123

Contact: Andreas Görres
Phone: +39-049-9300710

Unger Germany GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 210

Unger Germany GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 210
Unger Germany GmbH: Innovative products on the stand of Unger

Efficient glass cleaning systems

Unger,which is active all over the world, is aiming to make lasting improvements to the work of professional window cleaners and in so doing it attaches great importance to innovation. With the nLite® HydroPower DI system (ill.) Unger has developed a product that solves the task of achieving careful and thorough cleaning with pure water, with the emphasis on efficiency and simplicity. The new system is making its German debut at CMS Berlin and has been nominated for the CMS Purus Award 2015. Also on show for the first time in Germany is another major development that makes the operative’s work easier: the rail system known as S-Schiene Plus (ill.). With its downward facing edges it produces better cleaning results without the need for subsequent “touching up”. The very latest development is the Unger ErgoTec® CARBON (ill.), an ultra-light wiper handle made of premium carbon fibre material. It is being shown for the first time anywhere in the world at this trade fair.The company will also be presenting another new product at CMS Berlin which is due to be launched on the market this year.

Unger Germany GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Stand 210
Hall 1.2, Booth 210

Contact: Jochen Wagener
Phone: +49-212-22070

VDQ Business Solutions GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 205

VDQ Business Solutions GmbH - Hall 2.2 / Stand 205
VDQ Business Solutions GmbH: Process optimisation

Process optimisation with LogPro

VDQ Business Solutions is presenting its latest products in the field of process optimisation (illustration) at CMS Berlin 2015. The display focuses on the many new applications for smartphones and tablet PCs. Any process within a company can be digitised using the LogPro system. The modular system concentrates on web-based process applications, NFC, barcode and RFID technologies and functions in a similar way to an app store. Customers can seek out their processes in the form of applications and also the appropriate terminals, thereby achieving individual optimisation of their business processes. More than 30 applications have already been developed, with more planned for 2015. In particular the display by VDQ at CMS features scheduling software, the audit app, technical and safety instructions and the self-monitoring app. Using the latest technology a property supervisor can efficiently upgrade his work on-site with the aid of a smartphone and tablet PC.

VDQ Business Solutions GmbH, Michelle Espe-Rötzel
Hall 2.2, Booth 205

Contact: Michelle Espe-Rötzel
Phone: +49-2662-957125

Vileda GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 210

Vileda GmbH - Hall 4.2 / Stand 210
Vileda GmbH: UltraSpeed Pro wet floor cleaning system

UltraSpeed Pro – professional floor cleaning made easy

Vileda Professional employs a great many engineers and scientists who are constantly developing high quality products and systems, the exhibitor points out. One example is provided by the SpillEx
cleaning cloth, which incorporates super-absorbents, and was added to the Vileda range at the start of this year. It can soak up large quantities of spilt liquids, up to 1.2 l, and without any direct hand contact. The MicroOne is a disposable cloth made entirely of microfibres. The MicroOne cloth can be prepared using a clever “bag-in-a-bucket” and is intended for simultaneous cleaning and disinfecting. In the floor cleaning sector Vileda Professional pays particular attention to ergonomics and economic efficiency. In developing the UltraSpeed Pro-System (ill.), which has been nominated for the CMS Purus Award 2015, engineers have focused on improving the cleaning process and introducing greater flexibility. SpillEx, MicroOne and UltraSpeed Pro are being
presented to the trade and the professionals for the first time in Germany at CMS Berlin 2015.

Vileda GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 210

Contact: Steve Colin
Phone: +49-6201-80875207

Visionclean - Hall 2.2 / Stand 136

Visionclean - Hall 2.2 / Stand 136
Visionclean: 3D image displays

Managing cleaning processes without any language barriers

VISIONCLEAN gives a pictorial representation of specifications, training and quality control that avoids any language barriers. A clear understanding of their tasks by cleaners and supervisors at the point where quality is produced on a daily basis is a decisive factor in quality assurance in building cleaning. The regular sequence of contractually specified tasks is displayed in 3D images showing the items to be used (ill.) so that cleaning staff can see at a glance what components actually require cleaning. Illustrated training modules show the ideal cleaning methods in stages, in the correct hygienic sequence. Work safety and ergonomics as well as a reduction in the times taken to set up equipment and move about the premises are also taken into account, as are environmental considerations and maintaining the value of equipment. In 2015 VISIONCLEAN from the Munich-based company of the same name, is making its debut at CMS. It enables cleaners and their team leaders to carry out quality checks and to obtain an accurate picture of the cleaning of a room and to ensure that all the necessary tasks have been carried out.

Hall 2.2, Booth 136

Contact: Peter Hennig
Phone: +49-160-94998027

Wenzel und Kurz GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 122

Stainless steel in a new form

Wenzel und Kurz GmbH is exhibiting new products made from stainless steel for the cleaning
sector, as well as for processing washing and hand care at CMS. This exhibitor has developed various bottle and tube holders for skin care products, which position the required products clearly, as well as saving space, in the wash places. These dispensers can be laser marked if required, for example, with “skin protection” or “skin disinfection”, or simply “before”
or “after” work. An innovative cleaning basket holds all the required products for use in multi-storey buildings with confined spaces, or stairwells, where there is no room for cleaning carts. The four buckets that it holds can be in any choice of colour combination to meet individual requirements in accordance with the demands imposed by the building. The washing trolley for carrying stable, professional wash tubs in two different sizes provides improved ergonomics when loading and unloading washing machines and dryers.

Wenzel und Kurz GmbH
Hall 3.2, Booth 122

Contact: Michael Wenzel
Phone: +49-6028-99100

Wetrok AG - Hall 4.2 / Stand 114

Wetrok AG - Hall 4.2 / Stand 114
Wetrok AG: Drivematic Delight ride-on scrubber/suction cleaner

Perfect floor drying and automatic start-stop operating system

The new “Duomatic Esprit” scrubber/suction cleaner from this Swiss company makes maintenance cleaning faster and more effective. Among the highlights of the innovative concept are Wetrok Power-Whirl technology, for which patents have been applied, for perfect floor drying, and the Touch’n’Clean handle for automatic start-stop operation. The new ride-on scrubber/suction cleaner, the “Drivematic Delight” (ill.) from this exhibitor is notable for its wide range of applications. Its very tight turning circle of just 1.65 m enables this compact little powerhouse to clean not only large areas but also elevators and narrow corridors. With its low noise level of only 59 dB(A) and a performance of around 4,000 m²/hr the Drivematic Delight is the ideal cleaning machine, especially for use in hospitals and retirement homes. It can also easily tackle inclines of up to twelve per cent. Both machines are making their European debut at CMS Berlin 2015.

Wetrok AG
Hall 4.2, Booth 114

Contact: Jens Pfaff
Phone: +49-2171-3980