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Innovation Report

Here you will find new products from the exhibitor of CMS Berlin 2017.

Abrasive technologies LLC – Hall 6.2 / Booth 116

Abrasive technologies LLC – Hall 6.2 / Booth 116
Abrasive technologies LLC: TERSO floor and hand pads

Fair premiere

Uniform net density and outstanding impregnation systems

Abrasive technologies is using CMS 2017 to present a new product range, TERSO Professional“ (ill.) for professional cleaning, with fleece scrubber pads for rotating floor cleaning machines (scrubbing and polishing pads) as well as pads for use with scrubbing blocks. TERSO floor and hand pads are made from a high quality polyester fleece. The full range comprises products in five colours (in accordance with the international colour coding system), with varying degrees of abrasion resistance. This ensures that TERSO products are suitable for every kind of floor cleaning task. The manufacturer draws attention to the unique, optimized composition of the abrasive agent, providing the maximum performance whatever the application. The uniform density of the net and the outstanding impregnation systems ensure that the pads wear evenly and are very long lasting.

Abrasive technologies LLC
RU-Sosnovy Bor
Hall 6.2, Booth 116

Contact: Sofia Andreenko
Phone: +7-81369-73000

ADLATUS Robotics GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 201a

ADLATUS Robotics GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 201a
ADLATUS Robotics GmbH: Cleaning robot CR 700

World premiere

Autonomously cleaning of smooth floors

ADLATUS CR 700 (image) the cleaning robot – a fair premiere of ADLATUS Robotics – cleans smooth floors autonomously and does not need any personnel during the cleaning operation. With a user-friendly user interface the CR 700 is straightforward and easy to set up. The desired cleaning areas are stored on a building plan and stored on the device. Intuitively the robot can be started very easily by cleaning staff. Daily repetitive cleaning tasks are possible as well as the individual instruction of the cleaning robot. For a spontaneous cleaning, the robot can also be operated very simply in the manual mode (Dual-Use). If the CR 700's battery power is low, its dirty water tank is full or requires fresh water, the ADALTUS CR 700 drives to its own docking and service station – a world premiere on the CMS 2017 – independently and supplies itself discretely.

ADLATUS Robotics GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 201a

Contact: Monika Rosmer
Phone: +49-731-9642780

amfora health care GmbH – Hall 2.2 / Booth 131

amfora health care GmbH – Hall 2.2 / Booth 131
amfora health care GmbH: amfora DES-CONTROLler bioindicators

Fair premiere

Easy to use, high safeness

amfora health care GmbH offers in addition to the Clean Card® PRO a hygiene check for dishwashers and textile washing machines since the beginning of this year. The self-responsible check of the disinfecting performance of the machines can be made safe and simple by the use of bioindicators by means of a closed test indicator with standardized specific reference germs. The amfora DES-CONTROLler® bioindicators (image) are a simple control without any risk of contamination. Easy to use and with high safeness. The test is suitable for the operator either for post-control or for early detection, and for service providers who, for example, within a maintenance or a service performance, want to offer this tool to their customers.

amfora health care GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth 131

Contact: Dr. Barbara Hildebrandt
Phone: +49-9179-965960

beam GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Booth 115

beam GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Booth 115
beam GmbH: Blue Evolution steam suction system

High power and high steam temperature

The Blue Evolution range and its steam suction system (ill.) are on display at the CMS. The XL+ high voltage system with 7,200 watts of power produces a steam pressure of 10.0 bar and a steam temperature of up to 180 degrees Celsius. One very practical feature of this powerful multipurpose unit is its suitability for many industrial applications such as in manufacturing areas, scaffolding and work platforms. It is also suitable for cleaning the PVC curtains used to provide screening or sound insulation. In their basic operating mode steam suction systems such as those provided by the Blue Evolution range use dry water vapour. As it is released the dirt is sucked up, the area that has been cleaned is rapidly dried and can be walked on with no risk of slipping. Compared with the usual wet and dry vacuum cleaners which are widely used in industry the advantages of the steam suction systems are evident in their exception mechanical concept.

beam GmbH
Hall 3.2, Booth 115

Contact: Ingo Jensen
Phone: +49-8331-991880

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG – Hall 2.2 / Booth 132

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG – Hall 2.2 / Booth 132
Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG: Two-wheel battery-operated sprayer A 50

World premiere

Powerful, quiet and zero emission

The new two-wheel battery-operated sprayer A 50 (image) is powerful (battery power replaces petrol engine), quiet and zero emission. When working with environmentally-friendly products in the field of facility management (facade/roof cleaning and moss removing) the A 50 can be ideally combined with the 7 m telescopic lance XL 8. The intelligent pressure regulation allows to preset the pressure (continuously from 1 to 10 bar) and to maintain it at a constant level. A constant pressure results in a constant spray pattern. This maximises effectiveness while reducing the amount of solution used. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 14.5 hours. During this time up to 1’300 litres can be applied. The A 50 is also equipped with a built-in mixing function. With low operating costs (no use of petrol) and without any petrol storage the A 50 convinces economically even more.

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG
Hall 2.2, Booth 132

Contact: Ernst Brun
Phone: +41-56-4858181

DIBO NV – Hall 1.2 / Booth 108

DIBO NV – Hall 1.2 / Booth 108
DIBO NV: JMB-S high pressure trailer

World premiere

Ultra-compact and joystick operation

On the CMS 2017 presents DiBO the new ‘JMB-S high pressure trailer (image). Along with the standard version, this ultra-compact professional high pressure trailer will also be available as a plus version. The plus version is fitted with electronic gas control with automatic idling speed and level measurements, as well as a Track & Trace system. The JMB-S can also be used as a WeedKiLLER, to combat weeds in the most efficient way without pesticides by spraying with hot water. The new trailer is fitted as standard with a digital display and joystick operation and exceptionally light in weight (under 750 kg). It is available as skid or fitted unit, with the latter fitting in just about all vans and made of high quality and noise-insulating PE, UV-resistant rotation-molded polyethylene (under 85 dB). The JMB-S is fitted with the latest green technologies such as a 70 kW GreenBoiler and heat recovery from the motor that pre-heats the water.

Hall 1.2, Booth 108

Contact: Bernd Mathiak
Phone: +49-151-25313256

Dreiturm GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 128

Dreiturm GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Stand 128
Dreiturm GmbH: MULTI BLUE multi-purpose cleaner

Fair premiere

Multi-functional, all-purpose cleaner with a pleasantly fresh scent

Highly active, fast-acting and highly wettable – these are the outstanding features of the new multi-functional, all-purpose MULTI BLUE® cleaner (ill.) from Dreiturm GmbH. The cleaner for all water-resistant coated and uncoated surfaces and floor coverings ensures rapid, non-streak drying and is making its first appearance at any trade fair during the CMS Berlin 2017. MULTI BLUE® is is suitable for all wiping processes and can also be used in sanitary areas. Its ingredients have been carefully coordinated to prevent streaks or smears. MULTI BLUE® eliminates the need to use alcohol-based cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, machine cleaners, neutral cleaners and streak-removal products. Stubborn patches of dirt can be removed by the mechanical application of the product in undiluted form. Another attractive feature of this multi-functional, all-purpose cleaner is its pleasant, fresh scent. It has been granted the HACCP certificate of free sale.

Dreiturm GmbH
DE-Steinau an der Straße
Hall 3.2, Booth 128

Contact: Adrian Kohnhorst
Phone: +49-171-7626818

DYNAJET GmbH – Hall 3.2 / Booth 102

DYNAJET GmbH – Hall 3.2 / Booth 102
DYNAJET GmbH: High-pressure cleaner DYNAJET 220mdh

Robust and easy to operate

The brand-new DYNAJET 220mdh (image) and 350mdh high-pressure cleaners are now available. Robust and easy to operate, the compact, powerful and economical water-jetting unit – with a cleaning performance of up to 350 bar (5,075 PSI) – is suitable for numerous applications. These include graffiti and chewing gum removal, efficient cleaning of buildings, roofs and facades, and sustainable weed control. The first skid-based model from DYNAJET is therefore of particular interest to service providers and local-authority users. Numerous features, such as stepless pressure and flow rate regulation, and a patented burner control system, provide maximum efficiency and safety every time the unit is deployed. A further highlight is the low-speed and easy-to-maintain 3-plunger crankshaft pump that makes for low wear costs and maximum service life.

Hall 3.2, Booth 102

Contact: Kirsten Eberhardt
Phone: +49-7022-30411310

Emil Deiss KG (GmbH + Co.) - Hall 4.2 / Booth 114

Emil Deiss KG (GmbH + Co.) - Hall 4.2 / Booth 114
Emil Deiss KG (GmbH & Co): UNIVERSAL PLUS rubbish bags

World premiere

DEISS with Innovation-PLUS for more efficient working

The German and French Plastic Packaging Associations’ PackTheFuture Award speaks for itself, says the exhibitor. According to the jury, the Hamburg-based company has been honoured in the "Social Benefit" category for its product’s "substantial advantages in use". Hence, the exchange of bin liners becomes a child’s play. For its innovations, Deiss combines its quality standards and product know-how with the actual requirements in day-to-day work, thus creating a real efficiency plus for users: the patented Easy Opener at every exchange, the perforated sleeve when opening each new roll and the tear-resistant foil at every disposal. And an independent study is attesting the UNIVERSAL PLUS bin liners (picture) a cost reduction potential of up to 6.5 percent. Deiss announced to present further PLUS novelties for more efficient work and easy handling at the upcoming CMS.

Deiss, Emil Deiss KG (GmbH & Co)
Hall 4.2, Booth 114

Contact: Michaela Werner
Phone: +49-40-538096168

IP Gansow GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 111

IP Gansow GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 111
IP Gansow GmbH: Scrubber drier machine CT 71

Fife fair premieres

Efficient fleet management by Telematics

IP Gansow GmbH presents five fair premieres on CMS. The small Premium ride-on scrubber drier Titan 95 BF 68” made in Germany is equipped with the Gansow-Watermanagement-System. The tank volume is 95 liters and the working width 68 centimeters. For explosion proofed areas of zone 1/21 and 2/22 according to Atex regulation 2014/34/EU the exhibitor shows the scrubber drier 50 Bex 50”. In the Professional Line range new walk-behind scrubbers are the focus. The “CT 46” is equipped with eco-select which increases the running time by 20 percent, the patented transport wheel takes care for easy transport and safe parking of the machine. The models CT 51 and CT 71” (image) offer efficient fleet management by Telematics. Also the range of vacuums has been modified and are as well as trolleys available as Black is green with up to 75 percent recycled plastic.

IP Gansow GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 111

Contact: Roswitha Weber
Phone: +49-2303-2580110

KENTER Bodenreinigungsmaschinen Vertriebs- und Service GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 119

KENTER Bodenreinigungsmaschinen Vertriebs- und Service GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 119
KENTER: Comac Ultra 85 B ride-on wet scrub automatic cleaner with the Non Stop Cleaning Air-System

Five world and fair premiere

Mechanical and micro-biological water recycling system

KENTER is appearing at CMS 2017 with five products that are making their world debut, and five making their debut at the fair. On display for the first time anywhere in the world, are the ”Non Stop Cleaning Airsystem, Service2go, Remote Service and Energy Hire. Making their debut at the fair are “i-Mop XXL”, the “Adlatus“ cleaning robot and the “Orbot LiFeorbital machine. For example, the integrated mechanical and micro-biological water recycling system “Non Stop Cleaning Air“ (ill.) reduces water consumption to a minimum, with extremely short working times. Service2go is the name of the machine management tool for making the most effective use of a fleet of equipment. The web-based Remote Service has been designed to cut servicing costs. And Energy Hire eliminates the risk of buying a replacement battery before it is actually needed, because the customer purchases the cleaning machine but pays for its running of a rental basis.

KENTER Bodenreinigungsmaschinen Vertriebs- und Service GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 119

Contact: Petra Eppler
Phone: +49-8221-279919

Kimberly-Clark GmbH – Hall 4.2 / Booth 209

Kimberly-Clark GmbH – Hall 4.2 / Booth 209
Kimberly-Clark GmbH: Rolled hand towel system

World premiere

Hygienic, clean and efficient

At CMS in hall 4.2 KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* will present the most hygienic rolled hand towel system (image) in the market for the first time. The new dispensers without dirt traps and with compatible rolled hand towels for different focus groups, such as KLEENEX® Ultra, SCOTT® Control and SCOTT® Essential meet highest demands on hygiene, cleanliness and efficiency in washrooms. Furthermore KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* as an expert in wiper, washroom and personal protective equipment offers consultancy with project WASHROOM 5D for improved and efficient washroom management. Digitalization also plays a huge role in this context. Supported by practical examples the company shows on the fair how to implement competitive advantages by satisfying washrooms.

Kimberly-Clark GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 209

Contact: Andreas Hillesheim
Phone: +49 261 9227431

Klindex s.r.l. – Hall 6.2 / Booth 117

Klindex s.r.l. – Hall 6.2 / Booth 117
Klindex s.r.l.: Single brush Maxi Orbit

Excellent stability and manoeuvrability

Maxi Orbit (image), the advanced professional multipurpose single brush which makes it easy and quick working on all surfaces. Suitable for treatments such as polishing, dewaxing, crystallization, light grinding on marble, concrete, stone, parquet, terracotta and stoneware, Maxi Orbit is also ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as carpets and rugs. The oscillating head adapts to all surfaces and allows to work easily even on uneven surfaces minimizing user fatigue. The great number of accessories and the big wheels on the ground make working simple and efficient. Thanks to its high-frequency oscillations roto-orbital principle, Maxi Orbit amazes for the excellent stability and manoeuvrability making the crystallization operations with steel wool fast, easy and effortless.

Klindex s.r.l.
Hall 6.2, Booth 117

Contact: Roberto Bibiano
Phone: +39-085-859546

LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Booth 100

LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Booth 100
LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH: New developments in the apps field

Fair premiere

Displaying buildings and instant reports

LANDWEHR L2 is the software solution for professional building service providers, and this company, which is based in Wietmarschen, is presenting some exclusive new features in the field of apps at CMS 2017. The LANDWEHR app and LANDWEHR L2 app are making their debut at the fair, with a whole range of new characteristics. For the first time the LANDWEHR app offers specific functions for building managers. It includes the display of buildings, specific information about them, services and instant reports. With these developments LANDWEHR is making consistent progress towards Building Cleaning 4.0. according to the exhibitor. In the future LANDWEHR L2 software will continue to support advanced digitisation and process optimisation in the building services field.

LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 100

Contact: Marc Linkert
Phone: +49-5908-9380

Lissowski Gebäudereinigung GmbH – Hall 2.2 / Booth 240

Lissowski Gebäudereinigung GmbH – Hall 2.2 / Booth 240
Lissowski Gebäudereinigung GmbH: CleanCopter

World premiere

High mobility and a high automation potential

In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen the exhibitor has developed a device to clean windows and facades. It is based on a combination of components from the field of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) with technologies for highly efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning. The planned prototype features high mobility and a high automation potential. The two core components of the CleanCopter (image) are a customized multicopter frame and a specially developed cleaning gadget. The used cleaning medium will be deionized water, dry ice or a combination of both. Deionized water dries free of residues and dry ice sublimates on the cleaned surfaces. The advantages are that no humidity will stay and both cleaning materials will not need additional chemical cleanser. In addition to applying the cleaning medium to the surface, rotating brushes will be used to generate an abrasive effect.

Lissowski Gebäudereinigung GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth 240

Contact: Uwe Böhme
Phone: +49-241-512746

MEGA Clean Professional GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 117

MEGA Clean Professional GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 117
MEGA Clean Professional GmbH: Tuch to go

Fair premiere

Winner in the Cleaning Textiles category

MEGA Clean Professional is one of the winners of the “TOP Kitchen Brand 2017” and an extensive survey saw it placed first in terms of value for money cleaning textiles at TestBILD. The consumer survey conducted by TestBILD and Statista involved over 90,000 customer evaluations of more than 2,000 different brands in a total of 84 product categories. This company from Nordhorn is exhibiting for the seventh successive year at CMS in Berlin. The exhibits include some new products and some refinements to existing items, as well as established products and services. One item making its debut at the fair is a cleaning cloth by the name of “Tuch to go” (ill.) with an almost unlimited range of uses. It is suitable for all kinds of surfaces and has been tested by the Research and Testing Institute for Facility Management.

MEGA Clean Professional GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 117

Contact: Rouven Buscher
Phone: +49-5921-8196130

MESTO Spritzenfabrik Ernst Stockburger GmbH – Hall 3.2 / Booth 240

MESTO Spritzenfabrik Ernst Stockburger GmbH – Hall 3.2 / Booth 240
MESTO Spritzenfabrik Ernst Stockburger GmbH: High compression sprayer MESTO INOX SUPER EXTREME

Robust and chemical resistant

High compression sprayer ”MESTO INOX SUPER EXTREME“ (image) joins in an optimal way the robust stainless steel tank (working pressure 88 psi) with the chemical resistance of a plastic tank. The equipment of the sprayer includes beyond an integrated air filler valve and an ergonomically formed shut-off valve (with integrated fine filter) a special spray wand made of stainless steel as well as a chemical resistant special flat jet nozzle. To be prepared for many applications, this professional high compression sprayer is equipped with a chemical resistant special hose. In addition, the sprayer is available with FPM or EPDM gaskets according to the liquids. High stability on transport and work is ensured by the stable foot ring that even protects the tank from damage. To simplify working, MESTO offers a wide range of accessories, for example a transport trolley, back carrying system, extension wand and nozzle.

MESTO Spritzenfabrik Ernst Stockburger GmbH
DE-Freiberg am Neckar
Hall 3.2, Booth 240

Contact: Markus Hemm
Phone: +49-7141-2720

meiko Textil GmbH – Hall 2.2 / Booth 223

meiko Textil GmbH – Hall 2.2 / Booth 223
meiko Textil GmbH: Micro BRUSH pad

World premiere

High water absorption capacity and few cleaning chemicals

The Micro BRUSH pad (ill.) removes persistent dirt even on uneven floor coverings with a complicated structure, and from joints and recesses too. It also has a high water absorption capacity and requires few cleaning chemicals. This makes it ideal for sustainable basic, periodic and maintenance cleaning. The Micro BRUSH pad displays all its capabilities on hard floors, stone and safety floors as well as on PVC: Cleaning is so thorough that the full functionality of safety floors can be restored. The automatic suction system ensures that the dirt does not adhere to the Micro BRUSH pad but is removed straightaway. In this way it retains its cleaning power on large areas. It lasts significantly longer than other pads, such as melamin pads. It is easy to wash, either by hand or in a machine at 40 degrees celsius.

meiko Textil GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth 223

Contact: Reiner Kleemeier
Phone: +49-9292-55123

Miele & Cie. KG – Hall 4.2 / Booth 125

Miele & Cie. KG – Hall 4.2 / Booth 125
Miele & Cie. KG: Mopstar

World premiere

Particularly thorough wetting

Under the MopStar sub-label (image), Miele Professional is offering two new washing machines for contract cleaners: for 13 to 14 kg and 18 to 20 kg load capacities, or a maximum of 145 microfibre mops. All cleaning textiles can be conditioned ready-for-use with detergents and disinfectants. Just the touch of a finger suffices to automatically activate the door lock and launch a wash programme. The new, patented honeycomb drum 2.0 goes a long way towards ensuring economical energy consumption. Its modified shower ribs repeatedly transport around 30 l of water in the sump to the top of the drum. Repeated scooping of water results in up to 500 l per cycle showering down onto laundry, ensuring the particularly thorough wetting of loads.

Miele & Cie. KG
Hall 4.2, Booth 125

Contact: Ninve Tuma
Phone: +49-5241-8966415

mobiloclean Handelsgruppe GmbH & Co. KG – Hall 2.2 / Booth 200

mobiloclean Handelsgruppe GmbH & Co. KG – Hall 2.2 / Booth 200
mobiloclean Handelsgruppe GmbH & Co. KG: Cleaning machine 30-20

Fair premiere

Cleaning without chemicals

Excentr's cleaning machines effectively and intensively process every flooring with 2800 oscillating movements per minute. The pad is always flat on the floor and therefore, usually only with the use of water, a constantly high cleaning performance is possible on every surface. Rectangular pads work against the skirting boards as well as the corners. Especially the machine 30-20 (image) is well suited for the cleaning of small and twisted rooms with difficult access corners. Comprehensive accessories and different pads expand the application spectrum. The cleaning machines are distributed exclusively in Germany by the members of the mobiloclean Handelsgruppe.

mobiloclean Handelsgruppe GmbH & Co. KG
Hall 2.2, Booth 200

Contact: Christian Schlez
Phone: +49-89-3303747982

Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Booth 114

Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH - Hall 3.2 / Booth 114
Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH: Registering orders by means of a smartphone

Fair premiere

The same sort of quality management as that found in aircraft cockpits

The new cockpit function of the e-QSS application provides a perfect overview of quality management. In a debut presentation at the trade fair, the features offered by Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH are as clearly laid out as the controls in an aircraft cockpit. This provides facility managers and those responsible for QM with constant access to all the important information, reports, key performance indicators and status reports, wherever they may be. The new ticket system enables orders to be registered immediately and to be generated from a smartphone or tablet during the cleaning process (ill.). This also incorporates time recording and inclusion in the operational workflow. Another new function, “Activity Management”, provides support in preparing for certification and can be deployed for continuous improvement processes.

Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH
Hall 3.2, Booth 114

Contact: Matthias Still
Phone: +49-40-23554568

Nilfisk GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Booth 206 and 207

Nilfisk GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Booth 206 and 207
Nilfisk GmbH: Nilfisk Liberty A50 floor scrubber

A new era in cleaning technology

The new, autonomous “Nilfisk Liberty A50floor scrubber (ill.) combines a century of innovative cleaning expertise with advanced technology for machine vision and autonomous operation. Intended as a self-learning system, it has been designed to be able to react flexibly to a variety of different conditions. Highly advanced mapping technology is one of its fundamental features, enabling users to prepare and adapt any number of cleaning patterns. Another essential factor is the technological concept of a so-called Vision Kit, for selective identification of routes and obstacles. It can accurately identify items the size of a tennis ball even in the dark, at distances of up to ten metres, and can then initiate the appropriate avoidance manoeuvres. This capability also applies in the case of humans or glass objects. Nilfisk has also developed methods for boosting productivity, such as EcoFlex and SmartFlow, as well as REV orbital technology and Track Clean fleet management.

Nilfisk GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 206 and 207

Contact: Monika Nyendick
Phone: +49-731-9628730

Nilfisk GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Booth 206 and 207

Nilfisk GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Booth 206 and 207
Nilfisk GmbH: SC500 REV floor scrubber

Less water means reduced amounts of cleaning agent

Already a winner of several awards, the SC500 scrubber (ill.) from Nilfisk is being shown at the CMS with newly developed ”REV technology“ for orbital cleaning. The oscillating scrubber deck of the SC500 REV is able to generate a much higher physical force, attacking dirt from all sides. This enables users to achieve outstanding cleaning results in a single action. The operating principle applies the cleaning solution to the floor across the entire width of the pads without spraying the liquid out. Because water consumption has been reduced by up to 50 per cent this eliminates unproductive stops for emptying and refilling the tank, which would extend the deployment time. The costs savings it achieves are another important factor. Less water means a significant reduction in the amount of cleaning agent used. Moreover REV technology extends the working life of pads, battery and motor, and this has environmental benefits too.

Nilfisk GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 206 and 207

Contact: Monika Nyendick
Phone: +49-731-9628730

Nilfisk GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 206 and 214 (outdoor)

Nilfisk GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 206 and 214 (outdoor)
Nilfisk GmbH: City Ranger 3070 utility machine

Panoramic view, flexibility and agility, and with outstanding performance

Making a notable debut at the CMS 2017 as part of the Nilfisk range of outdoor products, the new ”City Ranger 3070utility machine (ill.) employs a technical concept that is setting new standards: The combination of 360 degree panoramic vision, excellent agility and a powerful motor (67 hp / 50 kilowatts), all contained within a very compact unit, has no rivals in this equipment category, according to the manufacturer. With its inner turning circle of 825 millimetres, articulated steering and a wide range of attachments for winter services, grass care and sweeping, it makes even the cleaning and maintenance of confined areas an easy task. Another new feature is the engine cooling system, for which patents have been applied. This significantly reduces noise levels while improving cooling by a factor of two, even when operating in high ambient temperatures. And just as importantly, its low weight (1,710 kilograms) and Eco mode ensure reduced fuel consumption.

Nilfisk GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 206 und 214 (outdoor)

Contact: Monika Nyendick
Phone: +49-731-9628730

Otto Oehme GmbH – Hall 2.2 / Booth 208

Otto Oehme GmbH – Hall 2.2 / Booth 208
Otto Oehme GmbH: Lorito Ecoline

Highly concentrated, ecologically friendly and free of marking

As a future-oriented cleaning agent manufacturer the preservation and protection of our environment is a key of importance. Therefore, the company already produces for several decades its products under the aspect of the sustainability. With the environmental management (ISO 14001) the reduction of CO2 is one of the priorities of the exhibitor besides the continuous saving of water, rubbish, energy and material application. All product development and production processes are supervised by the high-class management (ISO in 9001). Lorito Ecoline (image) stands for highly concentrated, ecologically friendly mixtures free of marking for the professional user. All packaging materials of this product line are produced under use of growing again or recyclable raw materials. Working security, environmental compatibility and user-friendliness were the uppermost premises when developing Lorito Ecoline.

Otto Oehme GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth 208

Contact: Klaus Krisch
Phone: +49-9176-980531

Projektron GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Booth 110

Projektron GmbH - Hall 1.2 / Booth 110
Projektron GmbH: Projektron BCS project management software

Projektron BCS – more than just project management software

Projektron GmbH is presenting the current release of its web-based project tmanagement software “Projektron BCS” (ill.) at CMS in Berlin. Projektron BCS enables projects to be prepared, planned, executed and evaluated, together with final accounting. The project data can be accessed by all participants, irrespective of their location. The software is easy to use and can be individually configured. By combining professional tools for projects and companies in a single program, for example project management, customer management (CRM), recording time worked, a support system and much more besides, Projektron BCS cuts costs, helps to meet deadlines and improves the efficiency of the user’s projects,

Projektron GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 110

Contact: Berit Krüger
Phone: +49-30-3474764133

Quality Connect GmbH – Hall 6.2 / Stand 142

Quality Connect GmbH – Hall 6.2 / Stand 142
Quality Connect GmbH: LPA Manager

World premiere

Audits made easy

The LPA (Layered Process Audits) Manager (ill.) from Quality Connect GmbH is a simple way for users to organise and document audits, hazard analyses of critical control points (HACCP) or surveys. Questions can be managed dynamically, audits prepared, and filled in using a tablet, smartphone or digital pen, and in addition repeat tasks can be weighted and frequencies defined. The completed audits are automatically archived. Analyses are automatically available. This means that users have a constant overview and can obtain information about audits that have been conducted with just a few clicks. Interested trade visitors calling at the stand of this Potsdam-based company in Hall 6.2 can obtain details about this solution, based on digital forms, for auditing staff and processes.

Quality Connect GmbH
Hall 6.2, Booth 142

Contact: Jürgen Busacker
Phone: +49-331-24342884

RHEMUS GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 123

RHEMUS GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 123
RHEMUS GmbH: RHEMUS RV 1500 high performance fan (above) and RHEMUS RL 850

World premiere and a fair premiere

High performance fan for drying buildings and for renovation work

RHEMUS RV 1500” (ill.) is a high performance fan that is making its first appearance at CMS. Operated either horizontally or vertically, it can be used to dry walls, ceiling and floors. The patented air outlet ensures that all the air is directed onto the surface to be dried, and the entire air flow is available for the drying process. Consequently power consumption is significantly lower than that of comparable fans. The modern diagonal ventilator is flat, very light and quiet, takes up less space and can be stacked. It can be deployed in buildings together with industrial driers, cutting drying time in half. Building renovation work often releases hazardous particles such as mould spores, which are a threat to the health of staff and residents. Moreover, harmful substances can spread in buildings and affect previously uncontaminated areas. The ultra-light “RHEMUS RL 850” (ill.) high performance filter, which is also making its debut at the fair, eliminates the risks to health during renovation work.

Hall 1.2, Booth 123

Contact: Thomas Rößler
Phone: +49-173-9987999

Sicherheitshalber Neumann Jaremko Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG - Hall 3.2 / Booth 203

Sicherheitshalber Neumann Jaremko Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG - Hall 3.2 / Booth 203
Sicherheitshalber Neumann Jaremko Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG

Fair premiere

Specialised protection against cyber-attacks

Hacking attacks, data extortion – everyone is at risk. Every branch of industry and companies of all sizes are affected. Anyone who thinks they are too small or not of sufficient interest, or adequately protected by suitable programs, could be in for an unpleasant surprise. Cyber-risks are right at the top of the list of hazards facing companies in Germany. As a specialist insurance broker, SICHERHEITSHALBER has developed a cyber-policy for the industry, offering specialised cover against the consequences of a cyber-attack, and this solution can be seen at CMS 2017. It includes first and third party insurance, immediate crisis management, covers the costs of removing malicious software and of carrying out IT forensics and of providing legal advice. It also provides cover for the additional costs of operational interruptions, the restoration of websites, extortion/ransoms and the removal of blocked access.

Sicherheitshalber Neumann Jaremko Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG
DE-Königstein im Taunus
Hall 3.2, Booth 203

Contact: Jörg Jaremko
Phone: +49-69-959297811

skai mobile solutions GmbH – Hall 6.2 / Stand 142

World premiere

Quality management made easy – with digital forms

The quality management solution from skai mobile solutions is easy to use and is not system-dependent. It enables users to fill out individual forms using tablets, smartphones or a digital pen and paper. Photos, signatures or constructional defects can be easily incorporated. In addition an existing room book can be imported into a room book app. As well as quality assessment in compliance with ISO EN 13549, a manual or combined choice of room is also possible, followed by extensive analyses. The CartApp is another option that can be deployed for precinct planning and a visual depiction of the cleaning tasks to be carried out. Digital forms are also available for planning audits and staff instruction. Another component of this exhibitor’s product range is skaiinventory, the web-based management system for inventories of mobile stock and equipment.

skai mobile solutions GmbH
Hall 6.2, Booth 141

Contact: Jürgen Busacker / Doris Müller
Phone: +49-331-24342884

SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH – Hall 2.2 / Booth 120

SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH – Hall 2.2 / Booth 120
SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH: varioFOAM foam nozzle

World premiere

A simple and precise way of determining foam quality

Foam adheres longer to vertical surfaces, giving it more time to take effect. It is also possible to see precisely where the cleaning agent has been applied. The outstanding feature of the two foam sprays, 301-FA and 301-FB, from SOLO is its patented “varioFOAM” foam nozzle (ill.). The handy dial enables the foam quality to be adjusted, allowing smooth adjustment of the moisture level of the foam, without the need for any complicated replacement of components and avoiding contact with the liquid to be applied. The two hand-held pressure sprays have a rated volume of 1.25 litres. The 301-FA has built-in FKM seals which are resistant to media containing acids, oil or solvents. The 301-FB is provided with EPDM seals, making it ideal for use with cleaning agents containing alkalis and alcohol.

SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth 120

Contact: Sascha Luft
Phone: +49-7031-301122

Süddeutsche Bürsten- und Kunststoffabrik Eugen Gutmann GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 106

Süddeutsche Bürsten- und Kunststoffabrik Eugen Gutmann GmbH – Hall 1.2 / Booth 106
Süddeutsche Bürsten- und Kunststoffabrik Eugen Gutmann GmbH: Scrubbing brush CLEANSTER

World premiere

Scrubbing brush with intelligent double bristle function

CLEANSTER (image) is according to exhibitor a milestone in professional floor cleaning. The patented world novelty is a scrubbing brush with an intelligent double bristle function. The white hard filaments remove coarse dirt, while the red fine filaments do precision work and reach even the smallest cavities. The curved arrangement of the red filaments effects a barrier preventing the cleaning solution from escaping too fast. This is why CLEANSTER is able to clean up to 125 % of the surface with a single tank filling. CLEANSTER also contributes to cost and time savings by reducing non value-adding working processes like emptying the waste water tank. CLEANSTER achieves an improvement in cleaning while it saves time and costs simultaneously.

Süddeutsche Bürsten- und Kunststoffabrik Eugen Gutmann GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 106

Contact: Sylvia Hanselmann
Phone: +49-7152-923613

Thomil Profesional S.A. – Hall 3.2 / Stand 237

Thomil Profesional S.A. – Hall 3.2 / Stand 237
Thomil Profesional S.A.: New products

Degreaser with 3D effect

The Spanish company Thomil is displaying five new products (ill.) at the trade fair: Degrass D-40 Bac is a disinfectant degreaser which is safe to use with food, Kony Ultra Bac Lemon, a highly concentrated, powerful washing up liquid, Thomilmatic N-33, a neutral, enzymatic cleaning agent, Thomilmatic Total, an enzymatic detergent for use with all textiles, and Thomilmagic Nº7, a scented odour absorber. The alkaline-active degreaser “Degrass D-40 Bac”, for example, can be used for the thorough cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and utensils. Its outstanding feature is its 3D effect: It degreases, disinfects and deodorises in one step, while also eliminating pathogens. The pH-neutral dishwashing agent “Kony Ultra Bac Lemon” provides safe, rapid and thorough cleaning and hygiene and can be applied directly or diluted.

Thomil Profesional S.A.
Hall 3.2, Booth 237

Contact: Gema Fernández Martín
Phone: +34-91-6910175

Truvox International Limited – Hall 3.2 / Booth 103

Truvox International Limited – Hall 3.2 / Booth 103
Truvox International Limited: Valet Battery Upright

Pristine cleaning results without the hassle of a cable

Truvox’s new Valet Battery Upright (image) offers pristine cleaning results without the hassle of a cable. It’s lightweight and perfect in any commercial setting, cleaning quickly and efficiently. With no trailing cables, the Valet Battery Upright can be used around customers and employees and offers an effective solution for daytime cleaning. Other exciting features include: lithium ion battery that provides 60+ minutes of runtime, HEPA bag included, convenient carry handle for easy transportation and comfortable handle grip. Weighing only five kilograms makes it ideal for transporting between cleaning jobs. A self-adjusting nozzle allows the vacuum to float evenly over all flooring surfaces, no manual adjustments are required.

Truvox International Limited
Hall 3.2, Booth 103

Contact: Charlotte Russell
Phone: +44-23-80706605

Vectair Systems Limited – Hall 6.2 / Booth 112

Vectair Systems Limited – Hall 6.2 / Booth 112
Vectair Systems Limited: Fragrance dispenser in a shop

Consistent fragrance from start to finish

VIBE® (image) is a fragrance dispenser that utilizes patented Vibrating Mesh Technology, giving real green and efficiency benefits whilst also providing a great reason for you to change from your existing system with excellent cost in use benefits. The Vibrating Mesh Technology (VMT) allows for consistent fragrance from start to finish and is highly effective at ultra-low concentrations. Unlike heavy aerosol droplets which fall in minutes, the VMT particles are much smaller & lighter, remaining airborne for many hours. Environmentally safe formulation is VOC exempt and contains no propellants. Other benefits include: Fully programmable dispenser, completely unique with patented technology. Superior fragrance delivery for up to 90 days. Lower cost in use, one VIBE® cartridge can replace up to three high volume metered aerosol cans or up to six passive fragrance refills.

Vectair Systems Limited
Hall 6.2, Booth 112

Contact: Louise Goldsmith
Phone: +44-1256-319500

visionclean Peter Hennig – Hall 3.2 / Booth 204

visionclean Peter Hennig – Hall 3.2 / Booth 204
visionclean Peter Hennig: Inspection image with inspection spots

Digital control instruments for improving cleaning results

The innovative Visionclean system provides digital control instruments for visualising cleaning and quality assurance at the operative level, thereby improving efficiency. New and interesting possibilities are offered by more closely involving the personnel in order to improve cooperation and personal responsibility. On a par with Visionclean specifications and visualised training, the results in rooms and the condition of workplaces, such as cleaning trolleys, can be checked using a tablet computer. Users of Visionclean Control report that it is easier to make an assessment using images than it is for those conducting the inspections to have to work their way through vast qualities of texts. Moreover, the image ensures that nothing can be forgotten, because all the individual spots to be examined are displayed (ill.). And best of all, a picture of the results can be shown to cleaning staff.

visionclean Peter Hennig
DE-Moosburg a.d. Isar
Hall 3.2, Booth 204

Contact: Peter Hennig
Phone: +49-160-94998027

Wecovi GmbH – Hall 3.2 / Booth 202

Wecovi GmbH – Hall 3.2 / Booth 202
Wecovi GmbH: Wecoline Full Cycle Pads by Americo

Fair premiere

Green Seal certification for Full Cycle Pads by Americo

The complete range of Americo Full Cycle® floor pads have been certified according to the GS-20 Environmental Innovation criteria. The Americo Full Cycle® base material has been exclusively made of recycled PET plastic, using only water-based resins. After use, biodegradation of the base material, and therefore the floor pads too, will accelerate. The composting process takes only a fraction of the time required by regular floor pads, so the full cycle® pads offer the user – apart from their top quality and durable performance – the guarantee of the best and friendliest solution for the environment. Wecovi GmbH uses the Americo base material for the production of its floor pads and therefore, these pads are a very ‘green’ product choice. The free Wecoline floor pad app helps to choose the correct pad. During the CMS trade show, Wecoline will introduce the first officially by Green Seal™ certified range of Wecoline Full Cycle® pads by Americo (image). Also, the visitor can get acquainted with the newest micro fibre products such as flat mops with mounting flaps and cleaning cloths with folding instructions.

Wecovi GmbH
DE-Emmerich am Rhein
Hall 3.2, Booth 202

Contact: Dannique Nijboer
Phone: +31-6-57721770

Wetrok AG – Hall 4.2 / Booth 113

Wetrok AG – Hall 4.2 / Booth 113
Wetrok AG: Product line Granuline

Fair premiere

Better cleaning results than liquid cleaning products

Tiny granules packed into handy little sticks – that is Granuline (image). A ground-breaking development from Wetrok: The first water-free product to achieve better cleaning results than comparable liquid cleaning products. The new, patented product line encompasses: Granufloor (floor maintenance cleaner), Granusan (sanitary maintenance cleaner) and Granusurf (surface cleaner). Granuline puts an end to unwanted, but previously seemingly unavoidable aspects of cleaning. Extortionate storage and transport costs? Never again. The incredibly lightweight Granuline sticks take up very little space and will reduce storage and transport costs by 75 percent. Unnecessary overuse of chemicals? Not so with Granuline: One stick equals one application.

Wetrok AG
Hall 4.2, Booth 113

Contact: Manuela Glanzmann
Phone: +41-43-2555151

Zaugg AG Eggiwil – Hall 2.2 / Booth 121

Zaugg AG Eggiwil – Hall 2.2 / Booth 121
Zaugg AG Eggiwil: ZAUGG-Steambeast

Large areas with small amount of water

ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL / Switzerland presents at CMS 2017 a new technology for the fast, gentle and efficient cleaning of highly soiled and sensitive floor areas. This unique floor cleaning technique enables the most various circulation areas to be economically and efficiently cleaned and guarantees the maintenance of value at a convincing price/performance ratio. The ZAUGG Steambeast (image) is a global innovation. The roadworthy vehicle with a front-mounted special cleaning head is containing a rotating brush, which loosens the most various types of dirt from the floor by means of hot low-pressure steam. Die squeegee after the brush takes up the loosened dirt and remaining condensed water. Only a small amount of water is needed to cover an extremely large area. The cleaning effect is as impressive as it is gentle.

Zaugg AG Eggiwil
Hall 2.2, Booth 121

Contact: Rolf Egli
Phone: +41-34-4918111